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The Electromechanical industry such as our country sewing machine exports experi
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Recently, the reporter learns from customs total office, this year in August, the EUP that Europe the leader of an alliance wants to be aimed at specific power consumption dictates " with can product zoology designs a statement " will carry out. This statement will be right the design of the product, production, safeguard reclaim to be reached with processing fall into disuse finally to raise environmental protection requirement. This also is afterwards WEEE (" about discarding as useless the electron is electric equipment dictates " ) with RoHS (" about be in the limitation in electric equipment uses the electron certain and harmful material dictates " ) after two big camp, environmental protection of European Union of experience of industry of our country Electromechanical dictates the 3rd broad ax. Yao Wenping of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products uses “ astringent final examination ” will describe the European Union EUP that is about to carry out to dictate.

She tells a reporter, after go into effect of statement of European Union EUP, the impact that to our country relevant industry future produces will be more more severe than WEEE and RoHS. The reason compares WEEE and RoHS statement namely, EUP instruction covered all products that use phone, and involve from the design, make use, safeguard, reclaim to handle catenary of a whole industry with later period.

The State Council develops wave of Liu Ren of vice director of referral center of market of institute of economy of research center market to point out, energy conservation problem is global topic now, the performance of company of our country home appliance in this respect is pretty good. But, according to the requirement that EUP dictates, design personnel is about to consider whole product lifecycle to be opposite when designing new product the influence degree of the sources of energy, environment, rich. This to Chinese enterprise it is a new challenge really. What “ China enterprise puts main attention in the product normally is energy-saving go up, but the problem of specific power consumption in ignoring manufacturing process however. ”So, is the EUP directive that is about to implement right impact of what industry, what product is bigger? The data that comes from custom statistic branch shows, the home appliance than ” of test of instruction of environmental protection of European Union of “ full classics kind product, lamps and lanterns, sewing machine a few look be like and not quite the mechanical and electrical products that expends report will be become get the trade with the largest influence. From custom data of total arrange statistic looks, this year first quarter, the exit of the product such as lamps and lanterns, sewing machine shows the sign that increases considerably. With Shaanxi the province is exemple, its export 1~2 month to be 4.4 million dollar to the amount of lamps and lanterns of the European Union, grow 1.3 compared to the same period times. Customs total office analyses personnel to think, company of lamps and lanterns grows considerably to what the European Union exports, it is to be driven before EUP instruction is carried out to be exported more greatly a bit.
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