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Competition of prospective transmission market will be more intense
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In globalization thorough with each passing day today, chinese market has made the reduction that global car market competes. Current, business of production of 3 big independent and automatic transmission already all entered the whole world Chinese market: Love letter is in in the factory of Tianjin the form a complete set of imperial crown He Ruizhi that is cropland of one steam abundant with CKD means while, preparation makes component deep treatment, change for farther mainland prepare; Collect dust inspire confidence in sb exporting to Chinese market after automatic transmission is old, final will automatic transmission produces the joint-stock plant that transfers China; The JATCO with a bit slow start, in all previous classics two years after making an on-the-spot investigation, final settle Guangzhou. In addition, as the whole world the oldest hand moves the Getelake that transmission produces one of business, the joint ventures case of its and river bell pulls a gram especially (Jiangxi) transmission system limited company already put into production is close a year. And introduced two transmission that have better reputation in Europe.

Face market of increasingly intense car a replacement, the tall canal of joint-stock manufacturer how look upon this market, getelake (Jiangxi) the view that a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it of president of transmission system limited company ascended Siboting to talk about him.

" Chinese car signs up for " : The development trend with at present newest domain of technology of the transmission on international how? What kind of characteristic will transmission market of China appear?

A retrievable arrow with a string attached to it ascends Siboting: At present AT (automatic transmission) in North America, CVT (infinitely variable speeds implement) transmission is moved to have dominant place respectively in European market in Japan, hand. The DCT that comes out a few years ago (dual clutch transmission) , existing market structure will be changed on certain level. And in the near future, the competition of market of light-duty car transmission will be intense between AT, CVT and DCT spread out.

Chinese market can be in the current situation that a variety of transmission breed appear to coexist inside certain period, this meeting makes Chinese market more diversity, also can make competition more intense at the same time. The market with Chinese automobile huge industry, will make China turns the world into the main market of transmission.

" Chinese car signs up for " : From the point of your observation, are characteristic of Chinese transmission market and competitive pattern what kind of?

A retrievable arrow with a string attached to it ascends Siboting: From the point of market characteristic, CVT enters China to had had some of long time, but was not accepted extensively by Chinese consumer. Have forecast make clear: To 2010, market of Chinese light-duty car is the demand of the transmission of 150N·m the following limits to will exceed 3.5 million to torque of the biggest input. Among them, dual clutch transmission may hold the market share of 80 % . This is a trend.
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