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Numerical control machine tool transforms course of study to develop flourishing
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Because numerical control machine tool transforms place to require cost inferior, especially in recent years user logarithm accuses ability of machine tool acknowledge to rise further, increase to this demand, machine tool of Chinese numerical control transforms course of study to accelerating development.

As we have learned, low cost is the crucial factor that prompts numerical control to transform the market to expand quickly, with purchase photograph of new machine tool to compare together, can save the cost of 60~80% commonly, and date of delivery is short. The gain that numerical control transforms still depends on: Understand maintenance of equipment, facilitating operation, accurately computation gives the process capability of the machine tool, and when buying new facility, do not understand new facility to whether can satisfy its to machine a requirement; Performance is steadier, classics of each function component is adjusted for a long time, functional stability, dependability is good etc.

Current, only Beijing, the business that pursues numerical control transforming does not issue 20. Domestic some places had formed “ ” of supermarket of bed of two mobile phones, if the article of Heibei installed machine tool market to buy domestic company to turn in great quantities,make, the machine equipment that go bankrupt; Market of region of He Suifen river centered the black river of Heilongjiang to import high end in great quantities bed of two mobile phones. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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