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2008 spin machine industry good luck to still be put
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On the technology of first China spin that held on January 8 and forum of economic progress high level, gao Yong of director of association of industry of equipment of machinery of spin of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, China denied textile industry enters the statement that adjusts atrophy period. He thinks, although be in each disparate industries on spin industry catenary to be able to be entered in succession,adjust period, but entire industry still maintains the momentum that develops up. Service at spin entire industry spin machine industry to grow speed to also can put delay accordingly somewhat this year, but overall the state that will still carry growth, predicting industry total production value still can increase, exit will exceed 1.8 billion dollar.

Revitalize equipment manufacturing industry preferential

Although governmental respect has not divulged the country revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry to give the specific new project that spins support of machine manufacturing industry and measure this year, but China spins aircraft consortium relevant controller discloses: Below the circumstance that the relevant policy that each measure that the encouragement that carries out to reduce surplus in the country imports and country promote equipment manufacturing industry conflicts, measure of other adjusting control should revitalize equipment manufacturing industry to give way for the country. This is meant, from air-jet loom and automatic winding machine two spun machine product to regard as last year cancel pilotly to import taxation privilege policy to will continue to carry out, revitalize progressively promotion 16 domains with equipment affirmatory manufacturing industry to the country. What the country revitalizes the determination of equipment manufacturing industry is big, of the manner determined, for 2008 spin infuse of machine manufacturing industry a powerful force.

This year, each policy that implements a country to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry and country are special, the technology that will continue to drive our country to spin machine manufacturing industry progresses and innovate independently. Afterwards machine of the first batch of new-style spin is great last year technical equipment country is special after carrying out, the 2nd batch of great and special projects will be started in year. The heavy name a person for a particular job that the project supports enlarges equipment of knitting equipment, printing and dyeing, blame weaving cloth equipment and only with equipment. In the meantime, the argumentation job of the project of ” of equipment of spin of “ new generation that ministry of national science and technology implements ends basically, financing of project of make known to lower levels of near future general.

Industrial structural adjustment is pulled move inside need
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