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Level of technology of our country cutting tool lags behind nearly 20 years than
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Level of technology of our country cutting tool and developed country photograph make an appointment with 20 years than lagging behind. The cause that creates current situation of trade of our country tool has a lot of, wait like cheap labor, substantial natural resources, low cost, the development that affected cutting tool trade, rise. In what problem is industry of our country tool put after all? Face this kind of current situation what to kind of step should take?

Put the issue that be in

Cheap labor: Cheap labor is the dominant position that our country each industry expands originally, but be this kind of development that so called advantage affected trade of our country cutting tool. Industry of a lot of tool produced laziness accordingly, to satisfy treatment requirement, add able-bodied person and they are willing to rely on more is not to convert efficient advanced equipment, block up the development of technology of industry of our country tool.

Material produces what produce with cutting tool to be out of line: Suffer the effect that division of labor of times of past planned economy arranges, production of cutting tool material is assumed by steely factory and hard alloy factory, attributive to metallurgy ministry, and cutting tool is produced criterion by tool industry specific assume, attributive to mechanical ministry. This kind differentiates to affect what produce to production of cutting tool material and cutting tool to be out of line directly. The cutting tool material that steelworks produces is his only the one fraction of total production value, not big to integral profit impact, because this is not taken seriously. However cutting tool itself is very tall to the requirement of material, make tool industry ceaseless raise taller requirement. Be out of line bilaterally make communication hard expedite, high-speed steel quality makes a when cutting tool quality cannot rise effectively main reason not high.

Service force is short of break: What contemporary machine tool, contemporary cutting tool asks is personalized solution offer, need special service force to understand the requirement of user enterprise, provide perfect after service to its. Industry of this requirement tool should be familiar with the function of his cutting tool product not only, the treatment craft that should be familiar with user enterprise more asks. Because standard cutting tool is on regnant position for a long time in our country home, simple business concern is only between tool industry and user enterprise, some just carries an agent even, do not involve a service at all. Accordingly, industry of tool of great majority home basically did not serve force.

Answered measure

To narrow the difference with industrial developed country, the quality that industry of our country tool must try hard to increase staff, development application that expedites crucial technology, perfect after service.
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