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India seams machine market to develop business chance of contain of medium and s
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Summary: Develop quickly as industry of Indian spin garment, for tailor machinery the enterprise offerred new business chance. As a result of the order increase that receives from Euramerican area, consequently inflexible to spin dress demand increases. In last few years, factories of many Indian spin clothing choose to import machine of many spin dress from China. Current, the dress machine that India has 1/3 comes from at China.

As we have learned, india was China 2006 the oldest tailor machine exports purpose nation, export volume is 220780 overall, 1534454 kilograms of spare partses, exit is achieved collect 200 million dollar, 15% what occupy industry exit to start collect specified number. Among them, embroider machine exports 17343, grow 63% compared to the same period, exit is achieved collect 157 million dollar, grow 37% compared to the same period, 78.5% what occupy exit to start collect specified number. This basically is the characteristic that machines with Indian dress closely related, concerned personage anticipates, in the India inside quite long period of time the demand to embroider machine can be compared big.

Additional, according to the up to date information that Indian clothing association provides, 2006~2010 year, indian garment industry introduces a respect to will preserve year of investment scope that increases 23% in tailor machinery, upgrade completely in order to ensure garment industry implementation is more quick. According to estimation, it is 2 million about to 2110~2011 year. Indian clothing association still will continue with the government bargaining, hope the import of tailor machinery tax rate reduces 5 percent again. The market that how develops India of market of Indian tailor machine is full of temptation. According to the analysis, the world dress after India becomes China of prep close behind very likely produces big country.

The personage inside course of study says, machinery of tailor of China of entrance of choice of Indian travelling merchant basically is the consideration that is based on two respects. It is cheap of price of qualitative actor of Chinese tailor machinery. Industry of Indian spin garment thinks, compare with Indian homeland, chinese tailor machinery is mixed in level of productivity, technology dimensions respect is in lead position. Compare with European photograph, quality of Chinese tailor machinery comparatives, but the price is European tailor machinery only 1/2 the left and right sides, very charming to Indian clothing company. The 2 delivery time that are Chinese tailor machinery are opposite shorter. The delivery time of manufacturer of Chinese tailor machine wants the cycle of short half about than Indian agency.

Yin Lianxin analyses:

One, India seams machine market blank to develop latent capacity tremendous

India adjusts policy, increase strength to give aid to garment industry grows, also be collective of industry of machinery of our country tailor to developed Indian market to bring tremendous business chance. As the world dress of the 2nd big spin produces a country, india still is having the driving consumption capacity of 1.3 billion population, increase home's comfortable international trade environment and rapid development market, huge market potential, make its become collective of industry of machinery of our country tailor to develop the first selection of the international market.
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