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Job of German machine tool is right last year China exit is added 14%
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The reporter understands 20 days from website of association of manufacturing industry of German machine tool, the driving growth of exit drove the development of industry of German machine tool, and China continues to hold a title 4 years continuously German machine tool is the biggest exit country laurel, right 2007 China export increases 14% . The expert expresses, our country enginery is state-owned the profit of the enterprise also achievement of above of benefit from benefit from.
In October 2005, germany hopes in Adolf · made of baked clay heart division fort company ever was succeeded to buy by the capital Electromechanical of our country. Be succeeded to buy by our country state-owned company as enterprises of more and more German machine tool, germany is right China the addition of exit increases with respect to what mean sales volume of our country state-owned company.

Data shows, german machine tool
Annual export increased industry 2007 10% , be as high as 7.8 billion euro; Sale was as high as German machine tool industry 2007 12.5 billion euro, grow 12.5% compared to the same period, two index in pairs achieves the history new tall. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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