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Home market of machine tool tool is had rate break through 50 % first
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According to data of large trade of tool of machine tool of national statistic bureau, 2007 1~12 month 4291 businesses are total the gross value of industrial output that finish two hundred and seventy-four billion seven hundred and seventy million yuan, grow 35.5% compared to the same period; The product sells production value 268.1 billion yuan, grow 36.2% compared to the same period. Product sale is led 97.6% , increase compared to the same period 0.5% .
Large trade of tool of 1~11 month machine tool realized gain in all 2007 14.46 billion yuan, grow 52.8% compared to the same period. Among them abrasive is ground, gold cuts machine tool, metallic figuration machine tool, woodworker of 4 small industries grow speed to exceed a trade compared to the same period average level. Among them profit of industry of machine tool accessory increases scope compared to the same period highest, achieve 166.7% , gold cuts profit of machine tool industry to grow 65.5% compared to the same period. Gold cuts accessory of electric equipment of machine tool, figuration machine tool, machine tool, machine tool and quantity cutting tool rate of sale of product of industry of 5 small industries is 97.8% , than going up year of the corresponding period rise 0.4% . Except the product of machine tool electric equipment sale rate falls compared to the same period 0.5% outside, other small industry all is shown add situation.
According to convert of exchange rate of the end of the year, production value of sale of our country machine tool reachs 11.19 billion dollar (because RMB add dollar appreciates, statistical company number increases; Enterprise machine tool kind advocate business Wu scale increases, export growth is pulled move wait for an element to affect, amplitude of production value of machine tool sale is bigger. Eliminate afore-mentioned elements, large trade machine tool sells production value to grow 29.8% actually compared to the same period. ) ; Import 7.07 billion dollar; Export 1.65 billion dollar; Consume 16.61 billion dollar, china already made world machine tool the 6th year continuously country of the biggest consumption and country of the biggest entrance, production value continues to hold position of alive bound tertiary, exit rank predicts the 8th to amount to the world.
Home market of homebred machine tool has rate head to defeat 50%
2007, as structure of product of industry of our country machine tool optimize, market competition ability promotes further. Domestic company recaptured the half of country of machine tool market eventually, home market is had rate 57.4% . This is from market of homebred machine tool is had since 2001 rate break through first 50% . In addition the new product fill of a batch of own innovation home is blank, achieved home to precede or international is advanced level, provided the demand of much azimuth for the user. In the industry, the enterprise that produces per year numerical control machine tool to exceed 1000 is increasing, crop of numerical control machine tool already exceeded group of Shenyang machine tool 2007 20 thousand.
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