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Italy spins general situation of loom tool manufacturing industry
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Italy is the world machinery of the 2nd big spin makes a state, product category is all ready, have the world's top-ranking technology level.
The whole nation has spin machinery mill about 300, from worker of course of study 20 thousand 1000 2.
Mechanical manufactory basically centers spin in Italian north, mid Buyela (Biella) , division not (Como) , Milan, Beierjia not (Bergamo) , lay mines on the west inferior (. These areas also are traditional textile industry area at the same time. Stand by an user, as regular as the user ground communication, make spin machinery of Italy is improved ceaselessly. Mill trade number is more, can satisfy the different requirement of the user, also be one of characteristics that Italy spins machine industry.
According to Italian spin machinery association reports: Italy spun production value of loom tool industry 2006 2.7 billion euro, among them 78 % (it is 210 million euro about) export 130 nations of world. Main export area the first it is an Asia, occupy 46 % , it is Europe next, occupy 35 % , south America occupies 7 % , north America and Africa occupy 6 % each. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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