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Knitting course of study is adjusted welcome new opportunity
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Does the growing space that the market needed inside knitting industry 2008 have how old? The number shows, before 2007 9 months, machinery of domestic advanced knitting imported an amount to grow 4.41% compared to the same period, entrance forehead reachs 1.008 billion dollar, become domestic spin machinery to import the domain with highest forehead. For the knitting industry that gives priority to a line to adjusting whole 2008, of equipment standard rise, bring will be speed of product structural adjustment is accelerated, ability of consumption of fashionable product market rises, industrial competition ability promotes this ceaselessly a series of Matthew effect.

Basis " in Europe textile trade forgives memorandum " regulation, the manufacturing company that had to export the category of 8 big textile such as T-shirt unlined upper garment, turtleneck unlined upper garment to the European Union on January 1 from this year must obtain the licence ability that the country issues to export, the eye that this one exit restrains sexual policy to will make more knitting export an enterprise to will develop is cast morely to home market.

It is reported, in before 2007 10 months, home already the knitting of complete, braid new project to achieve 264, this is become undoubtedly knitting industry seek is better 2008 the motivation of development.

2008, knitting enterprise needs to pass more the effort of deal with concrete matters relating to work is won grow new space.

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