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Spin machinery industry moves first half of the year smooth
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According to Chinese spin machinery equipment industry association is opposite the integrated statistic data of company of machinery of spin of 880 production of countrywide, equipment shows, this year 1~5 month, travel owner wants economic norms relatively the corresponding period is different last year the growth of extent, entire industry finishs gross value of industrial output twenty-two billion two hundred and forty-five million yuan, grow 31.62% compared to the same period. Among them, advocate business Wu income twenty-one billion two hundred and fifty-eight million yuan, grow 27.07% compared to the same period; Profit total 1.18 billion yuan, grow 57.89% compared to the same period; Deficit enterprise 116, drop compared to the same period 13.43% ; Deficit specified number is 65 million yuan, decrease compared to the same period 29.41% , reduce net value twenty-seven million two hundred and eighty-three thousand yuan; Production value profit margin is 5.30% , increase 0.88 percent compared to the same period.

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