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Advanced spin instrument and automatic and masked buy will appear on exhibition
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Will come 31 days to read extensively in Shanghai new international on July 27 this year the fair of machinery of spin of “2008 China International that the center holds and ITMA Asia are exhibited can (ITMA ASIA CITME 2008) ” will be global textile to offer to spin aircraft equipment of progress of newest science and technology and development reveal.

This exhibition is spin loom instrument exhibition by “ China International (CITME) ” and ” of “ITMA Asia exhibition hold jointly first. Exhibition of machinery of spin of “ China International (CITME) the admiral exhibition that ” regards domestic international spin as machinery, biennially, to 2006, held 10 already successfully. ” of “ITMA Asia exhibition regards the whole world as the exhibition that force has most inside course of study- - ITMA is exhibited subordinately meeting, ever also had held two successfully in Singapore. This two big famous exhibit the powerful powerful combination of the meeting, spin a mechanism to build enterprise and the platform that spun machine user to build a mutual communication for the whole world not only, also be sure to spin machine major to exhibit for the whole world a beautiful is added inside course of study beautiful strange flower.

This exhibition reads extensively use Shanghai new international of the center all 11 exhibition halls, exhibition area is amounted to 126, 500 square metre, all areas are come from already the spin machinery of global each district makes an enterprise grab order one sky. Without doubt, this exhibition will make the exhibition of international spin machinery with domestic the most large-scale throughout history.

In home each spin a mechanism to build an enterprise to carry spin newly severally while machine technology appears on this exhibition, come from committee of manufacturer of European spin machine the spin machinery of each member state and Japan and other and abroad area makes an enterprise also will gather Shanghai. Europe spins committee of loom instrument manufacturer to wait for nine country by Belgian, France, Germany, Italy, Holand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and England spin aircraft consortium to comprise. The level of spin machinery workmanship of these countries represented the advanced level of the world and development way basically.

Maruiya expresses secretary-general of committee of manufacturer of European spin machine: “ is innovated in spin engineering technology and ascensive respect, european spin machinery makes what company place develops advance action and efforts, it is the place inside course of study is accepted. Level of the technical secret of success that they reflect on machine equipment and end item, research and development and the attention to quality also are be obvious to all. This also makes the target that their item on display becomes everybody to pay close attention to on all previous and main exhibition. ”
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