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Manufacturing industry of Italian spin machinery develops India to spin machine
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A few days ago, manufacturers Association of Italian spin machinery (ACIMIT) and Italian trade commission (ICE) invites by India 10 spin and the delegation that form without the enterprise that spin cloth visit Italy. The member of delegacy all does not have the production that spin cloth and hi-tech spin respect to have the company of actual strength most to be in.

ACIMIT and ICE begin the commerce to India to promote an activity energetically, because see Indian textile industry is trying hard to improve the quality of spin dress,be. As we have learned, italian spin product was 183 million euro in Indian sale 2006, 1~9 month was 102 million euro 2007, among them the product with the largest sales volume is to spin machine, occupy the 37 % that export gross, it is loom next, occupy 24 % , the 3rd be hind arrange facility, occupy 20 % .

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