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Intelligent Trend knitting machinery is still insufficient stability of differen
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With the continuous demand for knitwear and textile industry to improve the refinement, the gradual strengthening of the trend of deep processing, knitting underwear, outerwear product of the gradual emergence, clothing fashion features. Multi-knitted products Kind of demands to the knitting machinery tremendous space for development. Currently, the knitting machine is the high-speed, high efficiency, intelligent, high-precision, diversity, difference, easy operation and maintenance, stability and reliability The high direction. Knitting machine gradually higher level of automation Link needs to be enhanced component integration Further development of computer technology to make electronic jacquard circular knitting machines on the application of technology in the increasingly gained popularity. Currently, electronic jacquard technology has been successfully applied in single jacquard knitting machine, double jacquard knitting machine and the combination of shift Ring, transfer line, multi-functional jacquard lining by knitting machine, jacquard terry knitting machines and other equipment. At the recent ITMAASIA + CITME2010 show, Bai Yuan Machinery Quanzhou introduced double-sided four / six-color line knitting machine mining With a newly developed, with international level of computer control system of color selection, color selection time with precise control, more stable characteristics. Direct the aircraft type on the disk in the heart of a unique design, effectively reduce the weaving resistance Force, the maximum speed of 22 rev / min. For experts, the current number of weft knitting machine operation control panel control the level of the computer a lot than before, the user can make use of PC computer input of the production process to complete the weave pattern of preparation, students Production data management and analysis tasks. Some knitting machine can not only real-time feedback device operating parameters and fault analysis, but also through the device control panel, the import of certain technological processes and production instructions. Despite the rapid progress of amazing knitting machine, but the domestic knitting machine manufacturing precision machining and mechanical and electrical integration level is the extent there is a certain gap is an indisputable fact remains that these differences were mainly reflected in the knitting machine Degree from a fine needle, large tube diameter circular knitting machine speed and the smooth operation of automatic control and so on. Meanwhile, the domestic knitting industry in the introduction of advanced equipment and made common mechanical components and other aspects of integration, there is still Gap, sometimes parts of the device configuration is not quite reasonable and thus the quality of the machine, cause the device to the vibration and noise when running large, prone to wear and tear over time thereby affecting the process location and so on. In order to strengthen international standards, and always aim at the forefront of international development, knitting machine manufacturers also made in improving the level of automation equipment and so many times, some time and effort. Seamless underwear machine spinning enhanced Stability is still insufficient differentiation Seamless underwear off because there is no side seam separated, so it has more than sewing the elastic extension of clothing, especially for close woven into underwear and sportswear, such as wearing clothes and not intimidated by the majority of discomfort while the consumer Consumers of all ages. At present, the body emerged a high degree of seamless underwear and electrical integration, gradually increased ability to adapt to a variety of yarns and more to adapt to computer-aided design features such trends. College of Textiles, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Professor Song Guangli told Hutchison Who, in the exhibition this year ITMAASIA + CITME2010 seamless underwear machine foreign exhibitors - companies exhibiting Santoni 4 machines, 3 sets for the single machine, a double-sided machine. SM8TR1 is a single Shift ring machine, needle selection per channel 3 points, 2 points for the three select needle knitting needle selection, a selection for needle selection shift pin-point circle, which can be woven mesh products side transfer point. JumboChroma company's products are winning song, it has to feed 8 Yarn, needle selection Each 2 points, seven mouths to feed yarn, in addition to seamless underwear machines have other features, the high unit number is one of its characteristics, its unit number is 40-pin / 25.4mm, the existing machine The maximum number of seamless underwear machine. Display 1 set double-sided machine is Sm9-MFS, 8 +4 shift knitting circle road, when you can not move into a 12 lap Road weaving. These devices are highly intelligent, automated level.

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