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Auto auto parts Keyan become the size of knitting machinery
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"At present one has been put into trial production is expected before the end of the output value of more than 3,000 yuan." Radiator Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lei Beisi responsible person, business plans completed by the end of next two phases of 250 million yuan investment, annual production capacity of 300 million truck and automobile air conditioning condenser aluminum radiator production scale, the annual output value after 3 years 10 million. In Ke rock, like "Lei Beisi radiator" This large number of fast-growing emerging companies. The Street Party Working Committee, the Office of the car and parts, machinery, rubber, plastics 3 major feature of the new (competitive) industry as a development direction, through the education of introduced, focusing on support for the "auto auto" and "Knitting Machine," the two industrial base to a modern industrial clusters forward. Facing the new situation, new situation, Keyan streets in recent years in economic incentives on the transformation of traditional industries and emerging industries, technological input and innovation of a license, management consulting, and other issues of special incentives, especially for companies involved in emerging industries, in land, capital and policy aspects of increased support. Past two years, has supplied the street, "ZHAO Auto Parts," "special security force precision machinery", "Cable McCormick Auto Parts" and 600 acres of land for the project. Ke Yan Street, through rent incentives, investment incentives, standard factory owners to guide the introduction of machinery, auto parts and other production enterprises, play a new (dominant) role in industrial development incubator. Intense and guidance, coupled with the Government promote a strong, making the streets of New Ke Yan (dominant) frequency of industrial development are bright. Transition from the textile industry's Lianzhong photoelectric first 9 months of this year achieved sales of more than 1,500 yuan, plans to spend 30 million yuan next year, launched two LED optical tube production line; Horse Machinery Company on the use of existing land a new grinding machine project put into operation early next year. This project also has won two of Development and Reform Commission grants funds for technological upgrading of SMEs. In addition, "ZHAO Auto Parts", "Cable McCormick Auto Parts" investment projects have been included in the province, "double-thousand project" key projects, Jin Hao machinery company "full computerized flat knitting machine industrialization project" was included in the provincial industries with local characteristics SME development fund project. 1 to 9 months, 27 Keyan streets of industrial investment projects total investment 502 million, of which 11 cars auto parts, knitting machines and other new (competitive) industry invested 340 million yuan project is completed, 68% of total investment; provincial and high-tech industry workers than large-scale industrial added value accounted for the proportion of 67.3%; Xinxing (advantage) industry sales, profits and value added Fen Biezhan all workers above-scale industrial enterprises 48.4%, 80.2% and 60%, a street economy growth of the "bright spot."

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