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Computerized flat knitting machine to become the new darling of knitting machin
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Currently, the world's major producers of flat knitting machines in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, China and other countries. Among them, China since 2000, began to gradually enter into the computer flat knitting machine development and production, and through technology to track and achieve a rapid development. It is understood that global climate warming in China to further promote the rapid development of the knitting industry, in recent years, the domestic knitting industry of knitting equipment is constantly growing. In many knitting equipment, computer flat knitting machine knitting machine will undoubtedly become the new darling of the market. Market demand for flat knitting machine In recent years, the rapid development of China's knitting industry, equipment upgrades without delay, the Chinese computer flat knitting machine market is also quite broad. In order to adapt to the development, knitted garment enterprises continuously improve the overall equipment level, strengthen research and development, design and marketing operation to the current competitive market, accounted for a place. With coat of knitting garments, fashion, comfort and personalized to enhance the requirements, an ordinary flat knitting machine can not meet the high quality and complex patterns of production requirements; the same time, rising labor costs, the general cross-machine production low efficiency, variety replacement trouble, the market reaction is slow, difficult to meet the needs of enterprise development knitwear. Hand knitting machine, semi-automatic flat knitting machine gradually withdraw from the stage of history the industry development trend, replaced by a more advanced computer knitting machine. Cheap computer flat knitting machine made by its many small and medium knitted firms. Computerized flat knitting machine industry in China is still in the basic development stage, the current annual output of 4 million units. According to the relevant market analysis, the next 3 years, the domestic market for flat knitting machine, the annual demand will reach 10 million units, the market is huge room for development. Computerized Flat Knitting Machine China application technology R & D Center For the development of national industry and reduced domestic computer flat knitting machine and the gap between the level of international advanced equipment, enhance independent innovation capability and improve computerized flat knitting machine knit products in national and global competitiveness. June 28, China Computerized Flat Knitting Machine R & D Centre was established, and Changshu Jinlong Machinery Co., Ltd. in the establishment of R & D Center "experimental base." The collection of domestic R & D centers and universities, supply of raw materials, knitting equipment manufacturing, apparel manufacturing, finishing, technical services and other areas of the advantages of unit force, formed from the design, supply of raw materials, equipment, technical services, processing and production and so on, in upstream and downstream aspects of organic docking, and cooperation will achieve Computerized Flat Knitting Machine products effective integration of resources, and promote the field of computerized flat knitting machine knit the whole industry chain development as the goal, the cooperation of industry chain development will be the inevitable trend of future development. Computerized flat knitting machine market situation This year, the computerized knitting machine business sales situation is very good, high-tech products such as automatic computer flat knitting machine with a cost-effective because of the characteristics favored by customers. From 2010 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITMA Asia Exhibition learned, computer flat knitting machine companies gain a lot of orders. Behind the hot, naturally, hidden problems. Domestic production companies a few computerized flat knitting machine, but the real development of the business is very small. Market, many companies have bought the same parts, the same controller, bought the next assembly, and OEM sales. Computerized flat knitting machine companies slander each other, the phenomenon of price war is also not unusual. At present, the disadvantages of hand knitting machine, and the phenomenon of recruitment difficulties led to a trend: computer will gradually replace the hand-knitting machine knitting machine in the domestic market. Of course, most small and medium factories in the purchase of equipment will take into account funding, compared to a few hundred dollars in hand knitting machine price, the price of computer flat knitting machine so that some manufacturers are still difficult to accept. Meanwhile, the development of computerized flat knitting machine made relatively short time, many technical difficulties could not break through, weaving performance and after-sales service, slightly lower than imported computerized flat knitting machine, which is the company to consider. Other than price, computer flat knitting machine companies service problems are the focus of attention, with a superb after-sales service team, no doubt a shot knitting enterprises strongly aligning agent. Learned from knitting enterprises, the economy is still based computerized flat knitting machine of choice for small and medium enterprises. New computerized flat knitting machine 2009 Tanglewood eldest grand launch of a new computerized flat knitting machine knitting LIBRA 3.130. GMF2.130 flat knitting machine, this machine is based on the models in the Gemini2.130 further developed it, is the world's first triangular with a pneumatic control, so closely woven into the possible degree of computerized flat knitting machine. GMF2.130 type computerized flat knitting machine is simple, efficient production, and low power consumption, maximum cost savings. February 5, 2010, Haina 5G dual system first prototype of the official success of computerized flat knitting machine off the assembly line. This marks the Ka Ying completely mastered by the dual system 5G computerized flat knitting machine production technology, PC-weaving industry in China has left an indelible mark. In the pursuit of excellence in practice, people continue to explore Ka Ying, and gradually develop their own brand on the road, and assumed "Made in China" the social responsibility of computer flat knitting machine, which set a new benchmark for flat knitting machine in China. From the current development level, the importation of computer is not popular in China cross-confidential can do one or two years. Compared to the Japanese island of refinement, the price of the German Stoll five or six hundred thousand, Garter 3G computerized flat knitting machine is only 10 million less than the price. Therefore, from the price advantage of view, Garter 3G sweater flat knitting machine is still the preferred replacement business equipment. Kerry could have used with the imported machines, after-sales service are reliable. Face the current market, the vagaries of the environment, with high efficiency, energy saving, reduce labor advantages of computerized flat knitting machine in order to maintain strong sales. In addition, the development of computerized flat knitting machine to meet the technological transformation of enterprises, structural adjustment, industrial upgrading needs. Hand knitting machine currently has about 1.6 million units, computerized flat knitting machine is only 10 million units, while the computer instead of hand knitting machine knitting machine industry development and industrial upgrading is an inevitable trend. Domestic market demand for computer flat knitting machine has only just begun, the industry generally believed that computerized flat knitting machine for a long period of time will maintain steady growth.

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