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Knitting Machinery Industry lions module is taking shape
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With the lions and the surrounding escalating textile and garment, knitting and garment lions gave birth to the rise of mechanical enterprise. Currently, more than 10 lions have been a production of circular knitting machine and some related spare parts and processing enterprises, the lions have begun to form knitting machinery "industry module." Shishi currently Yongning, Hanjiang and other towns, have successively appeared in the Qing Mountain Electrical, Rong Xiang, large Chongqing, the country Ding, Bao Xiang, Bao Long Seven or eight other types of knitting machinery manufacturing enterprises, and promote a number of mechanical zero Part of the rise and development of processing enterprises. These companies design and production of knitting machinery products rich, rib universal machine, circular knitting knitting machine, high-speed single-sided jacquard machine, high speed, single-sided circular knitting machine and so on, production is increasing the size and strength, a large number of products are sold the domestic market, and some are also exported to foreign markets.

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