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New bid brigadier carries out profile of window of our country plastic door in t
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Beijing message, the level that at present our country decorates production of plastic door window, intensity, quality all the time continue to use the GB/T8814-1998 standard that 90 time establish last centuries, the development that follows industry, market and manufacturing skill standard and rise, this one standard is already incommensurate the trade situation of rapid now development. For this, committee of technology of countrywide goods standardization is plastic branch undertook editing afresh to this one standard, what obtained a country to concern a section is authorized, because this our country is plastic,brigadier of new bid of door window profile is carried out in the round.
Current, our country already became world jacket to act the role of the manufacturing country with plastic door the biggest window and consumptive country. New standard and old standard photograph are compared, the standard that conforms with international had rise substantially. Its basically distinguish depend on: The first, raised profile curve stretch model quantity, from original 1960 standards the volume increased 2200 standards amount; The 2nd, differ according to using the climate of the area, undertook profile classificationing. It is to the drop hammer concussion of H class profile among them below the circumstance with drop hammer quality and peen changeless radius, raised drop hammer height 1.5 meters from 1 original meter. This is meant increased drop hammer impact strength 50 % , make profile is opposite in specific climate area thereby fragile the endurance that cracks breakdown increases greatly, make the security of plastic door window is able to rise greatly; The 3rd, of will plastic profile be able to bear or endure ageing time was lengthened. Once this product standard is achieved, will be lengthened greatly and enhance the service life of plastic door window.

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