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Demand of Chinese PLM market is exuberant
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Portal of informatization of manufacturing industry of China of orgnaization of domestic authority investigation (E-works) general manager Huang Peibo person the innovation of “e-works 2006 product that in November 1-2 day Beijing holds digitlizes international peak can state “ is in on ” of the market and national policy double drive below, production enterprise pays attention to own product research and development more and more, promoted the growth to PLM product and solution demand thereby, and need exuberant ” .

The data that according to famous PLM analytic orgnaization Daratech publishs shows, global PLM software and service market amount amounted to 10.49 billion dollar 2005, relatively grew 13 % 2004. Daratech predicts, global PLM software and service market will reach 11.45 billion dollar 2006, will relatively grew 14 % 2005.
E-works investigation makes clear, 2005 the amount of Chinese PLM market is 230 million dollar (1.865 billion RMB) , 2% what take global PLM market about, compound increase rate is 18.1% . The product that this data includes software firm, carry out and safeguard service revenue, the turnover of channel and agent, but do not include other service revenue. Compare with North America and phase of Western Europe market, chinese PLM market still is in the primary level of development, have tremendous development latent capacity.

Strengthen as what Chinese intellectual property works, more and more enterprises begin to undertake the original chemical industry of tool software is made. Software authorised edition changes the CAD manufacturer such as pair of Autodesk, SolidWorks, CAXA to bring bigger growth. Of three-dimensional CAD gain ground, and the addition that the CAE in the enterprise applies, also be the main factor that Chinese PLM grows. Relative to character, the incremental ratio of domestic CAPP market is smoother.

On Chinese market, UGS, amount to the international big company such as all alone, Autodesk, PTC to still maintaining good growth momentum, and its increase rate its whole world grows apparent prep above speed; As the addition of domestic CAE demand, MSC all achieves steady growth with the Asia-Pacific that bring a life. Domestic PLM manufacturer was behaved 2005 not common, among them Ike this growth of software of boat of special, CAXA, god, Shan Dahua nature is rapidder. The deepening between manufacturer of domestic and international PLM cooperates, the development of domestic PLM manufacturer was driven on certain level. Have from integral market in light of rate, fluctuant extent is not very big, integral pattern and consistent 2004. E-works thinks, as a result of the technical doorsill of technical informatization itself, this one pattern still cannot have the change of essential sex inside short time.

Market of manufacturing industry PLM remains the market of foreign manufacturer dominant, the market share of foreign PLM manufacturer was as high as 74.7% 2005, than 2004 78% reduce somewhat. In the tool kind on PLM software market, foreign software takes absolutely advantage, especially high end is three-dimensional CAD market, CAE market, homebred software market basically is blank. The progress that runs firm of kind of home of PLM software side is rapidder, but basically still center in medium, low end the market.
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