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2, small fiber (Microfibers)

In recent years, the small fibrous of development is fineness it is 1 dawn of 1 ~ < , traditional fibrous is fineness it is 4 dawn of 1 ~ normally. Of superfine fibber fineness and general point to 0.3 with < 0.3 dawn, with Japanese made more, main in order to makes synthetic leather and clean cloth. Small fiber fabric and groovy fiber fabric are different, former watch area is gotten greatly much, at the same time the feel of small fiber fabric is like the softness like silk, because this is in,the meeting in chemical treatment shows different performance. How formulate is optimal craft and softening finish whether can farther promotional its distinctive feel, how to choose softening agent to wait, it is interested research content.

Via emulating the effort of filar function to improve to polyester fiber, since 90 time, chemical fibber production of Japan takes a person “Singosen” times, join fine age newly namely. The technical point of emulation silk is: The design of sectional appearance; Promotional drapability; Produce measurable Peng pine and soft feel; Be like the exterior like natural silk. Japan is closing minute newly the product field with this kind of new planing machine gains a success, because is fiber,is the history of longer clasp between maker and textile maker formerly.

The meeting of fiber of small dawn of “ spin world that Greenville held Xia Zaimei country 1994 (Textile World Microdeier Fibers Conference)” came out to cause everybody to this the fibrous of interest is newest development information. Overview is small dawn fiber finer than natural silk, it is a kind of thread that has high value, have wide use, divide outside be being used at dress, in adornment and industry the respect can have new use. The competition that seeks new use already began.

Small dawn fiber is in beautiful with the function two respects are valuable. Beautiful it is to point to softness and drapability; The function is to point to what support structure change can accomplish high refus water to breathe freely fabric. Still can experience meanwhile comfortable and can wear casually (Easy Care) .

Most what drought develops is polyester small staple. Because small fibrous appears, make present market and have before very big different, american consumer already unlike does not like polyester in that way 10 years ago, europe also is such. Because this should capture an opportunity to change fabric structure and style, attract customer. At the same time small fiber because fiber is thin, can make it is close together fabric, have impermeability and permeability. Because this polyester is small,the industrial use that fiber can develop has: Sail of fabric of air bag, impervious, ship, parachute and balloon. The container of respect humanness hematopoiesis that having applied, useless water treatment, dustproof cover, defend take, leatheroid, inhaler, surgery uses face guard to wait. small dawn short staple the bag is fighting microbial acetic ester filament outside, make it braces is used after surgical operation, can fight bacterium to make human body feels comfortable at the same time.
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