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The chemistry of textile is machined, also weigh wet treatment or catch full treatment, it is all in all treatment measure that makes textile makes the goods that is accepted by consumer. The exterior of the textile after be being machined through chemistry, feel and function produced tremendous change, had beautiful appeal thereby. In these chemical treatment working procedure, arrange treatment, treatment is arranged after also saying, it is the treatment process with the most fundamental goods that makes the appeal that has the beauty. A course is caught, imprint the beautiful fabric of treatment, often as a result of without appropriate hind arrange and cannot attract customer; One looks undesirable fabric, can make charming goods through arranging what machine and make suitably however.

The wet treatment craft of textile is close to newlier numerous. In light of the development from international, almost every time has the source is considered to develop at the new technology of the creativity of market demand, for example the dimension stability that the heat of 60 time is natural fiber fabric; 70 time are flame retardant arrange development to wait quickly, the challenge that 90 time pose to wet treatment besides because fiber, gauze, fabric, dress is made,be changed with the demand of the market, it is very important to still have is to originate the requirement of pair of environmental protection respects, this already was become and will continue to become to make wet treatment craft produce the main driving force of new change. Because the heat of this 90 time is to be helpful for zoology,be protected and energy-saving, and the treatment method that can make quick response to market demand. Below the main trends that brief introduction machines a respect in chemistry on international in recent years.

One, be helpful for environmental protection and energy-saving 1, the development that machines equipment respect expands forward position: —— already energy-saving the facility that reduces blowdown again, although had be notted apply extensively, but still be propagandist heat. —— offers a kind of can strict control to machine the component of the process, applicable grant to come from grey the each treatment process of finished product, conduce to managing cost, guaranty qualitative, reduce blowdown. This is a kind of method that contrasts economy. The level of —— electron technology already was achieved can detect almost, corrective with the each craft parameter that controls all treatment process. Another serious problem that needs a consideration is treatment facilities. Equipment must be two respects can accomplish machine, report to feedback information correctly to the computer. (1) bath

To get arranging finished product high gradely, after pre-treatment, the sufficient bath after coloring or printing is must, because this is wet treatment water consumption is big, cause the sources of energy to use up weigh with burden of useless water treatment greatly. 70% what somebody reckons the specific power consumption of textile wet treatment is whole textile industry about. Accordingly, people devotes oneself to to search for years more effective, but have as identical as primary facility the bath machine that washs the effect. Already developed in recent years have: Make the same score an intermittent type low bath to compare machine of coloring, bath, the majority has cost low with the characteristic that is helpful for environmental protection. The development of knitted fabric promoted the development of machine of this kind of bath. Smooth continuous in make the same score a successive bath vacuum technology is being used on machine is encouraging. If vacuum evaporation undertakes before stoving, energy-saving can be as high as 60% . Efficient with low cost, liquid waste little the feature that is this kind of equipment, in addition, still have cover an area of the merit with little area. The E-VAC of the TVE that city Atlanta blocks south the United States and Spartanburg already took the lead in using device of technique of this kind of vacuum. (2) drying
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