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World of crop of Chinese clothing machinery the first
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Say “ receives gauze of pond of endless the Kingdom of Wei, do not buy ” of cloth of maple short for the Jinghe River. Data shows, in Huadongde the “ of industry of area spin garment is gotten run below ” , crop of Chinese clothing machinery is male already a list of names posted up of crouch whole world head, 70% what hold world total output. Companion rises abruptly to make a center exceed for world clothing machinery with each passing day as China produce greatly can have been formed and still be in growth, complementary makings industry is in knead dough of Chinese clothing machinery “ home is bred, mouth of turn of international growing ” .

Undertake the whole thing in China the whole world complementary makings market distributes the clothing machinery knead dough of 3/4 the forehead while, in recent years, above sea is a center, include the Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu Hua Dong area that visits town inside, wide by right of traditional textile industry advantage get global attention. Hua Dong area not only have China the biggest, famous brand of cap of degree of highest dress, shoe, at the same time market dominant position turned this one area into cap of the spin dress with the at present strongest actual strength inside countrywide limits, shoe and box bag to machine base, production value occupies 50% above of countrywide.

According to statistic, be in China in markets of 247 dress shoe cap of 100 million yuan of above, hua Dong area has 119, occupy 48% . Cap of the spin dress of 100 million yuan of above of countrywide, shoe and box bag market clinch a deal the forehead amounts to -259084288 yuan of RMBs, hua Dong area clinchs a deal the forehead amounts to -1309411328 yuan of RMBs, occupy 63% . Vast area produces the need with can mechanical to dress huge generation.

This year October the last ten-day of a month, hua Dong area will increase one brand-new garment industry base again, the dress city that is located in Shanghai southwest be about to completion welcomes guest. The corresponding period, complementary makings Fair also will run machinery of clothing of two Shanghai international and dress side here. Early days of Shanghai dress city plans to use the land 613 mus, build began construction before the bottom two years in June, at present already formal and finishing. The Shanghai dress city after building will be market industry, content shedding, trade, information, reveal, the city of the design large omnibus dress that is an organic whole, this will be the spin garment industry of Hua Dong area to perfect undoubtedly. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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