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Comment on pure bombazine to be in again drop emersion of person bombazine weak
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Enter last week, just look forward to is firm the gauze of time of ability a week kind integral prices recrudesce changes, particular system is in again in pure bombazine price now drop, person bombazine lets valence appear, and price of pure cleanse gauze goes high somewhat. Trends shows, money is clear on November 12 market gauze kind knitting of pure cotton of 32s of groovy delegate product uses gauze, 50s quote of center of plied yarn of gauze of bombazine of pure cleanse gauze, 30s person, 45s 65/36T/C, 40s/2 65/35T/R is ordinal be in 19400 yuan / ton, 16600 yuan / ton, 17400 yuan / ton, 18900 yuan / ton, the central price with afore-mentioned products before a week 19600 yuan / ton, 16400 yuan / ton, 17500 yuan / ton, 18900 yuan / ton, 19800 yuan / ton compared to the same period, pure bombazine, person bombazine has 200 yuan respectively / ton, 100 yuan / ton drop, t/C gauze, T/R gauze is relatively stable, quote of pure cleanse gauze has 200 yuan / ton rise.

According to gauze of Qian Qing market kind morning of management large family rises company Mr Yu Xinliang to introduce, as a result of downstream demand not beautiful, add cotton spinning manufacturer to produce 60s classics, weft more, because this causes manufacturer and businessman to take money, must depreciate, although produce loss,also want to sell. As we have learned, enter last week, many businessmen already were in cash quiet market gauze of general of pure cotton of classics of 60s of distribute of lose money in business, weft. On November 12, 40s of cash quiet market is low gauze of general matching cotton, 60s is low weft matching cotton, 60s is low quote of center of warp matching cotton is ordinal be in 19000 yuan / ton, 23000 yuan / ton, 23500 yuan / ton, the central price with afore-mentioned products before a week 19200 yuan / ton, 23500 yuan / ton, 24000 yuan / ton compared to the same period, have 200 yuan respectively / ton, 500 yuan / ton, 500 yuan / ton drop, pure last week bombazine especially of 60s classics, weft drop substantially make firm somewhat the prices of pure bombazine whole with steady look forward to is entered once more drop passageway, the market clinchs a deal to also appear to decrease accordingly. At the gentleman the analysis thinks to cause pure bombazine especially domain of gauze of low general matching cotton drops more than main reason is to knit factory cloth to sell cloth to go out downstream, stock is more, knit a factory to dare be not done, and cotton spinning manufacturer did not appear to reduce stop production apparently again, such since, gauze of low general matching cotton offers pure cotton inside short time of 60s classics, weft especially be more than beg contradiction to be highlighted quite, to manufacturer and businessman occurrence lose money in business is produced and manage eventually.
Person bombazine is sold last week situation is general, partial manufacturer and businessman see again for sales promotion price become loose. On November 12, quote of center of 30s of product of delegate of bombazine of person of cash quiet market is in 17400 yuan / ton, with the central price before a week 17500 yuan / ton have 100 yuan compared to the same period / ton small next moving. According to gauze of Qian Qing market kind Yang Zong of management large family introduces earning, the main reason that causes emersion of prices of person bombazine weak force 1, it is downstream demand decreases. Make knitted end and winter fabrics as fabrics of the autumn that knit a factory knit enter ending phase stage by stage, be opposite downstream person bombazine demand very cotton thread, it is with clear dragon company exemple, sales volume of bombazine of near future person is only the half when fastigium still did not arrive September. 2, it is the influence that cotton price and pure bombazine drop continuously. Although person bombazine favors because of its peculiar catholicity by consumer, but the complementary sex of person bombazine and pure bombazine is quite strong, especially pure bombazine serves as pure natural product sometimes more consumer is accepted, 2 months come recently pure bombazine price drops continuously, partial norms falls especially greatly, and although near future of person bombazine price has occasionally drop, extent is lesser also, and have not digest early days to go up, most market businessman is forecasted, the city after bombazine price has the person to drop certainly space.
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