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Xinjiang stone river child cotton of 30 thousand tons of colour orders one sky
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Xinjiang stone river child the cotton of colour of 6660 much hectare that city grows this year, average per unit area yield is as high as 4500 kilograms of above, at present cotton of 30 thousand tons of color already was ordered by company of treatment of domestic colour cotton one sky. Colour cotton is used at spin, can discharge working procedure of multifarious printing and dyeing, can reduce manufacturing cost not only, still reduced pollution. Cotton of our country colour considers to start at going up century at the beginning of 90 time, in Xinjiang at present large area cultivates chromatic cotton to already scored a success, field management technique is relatively normative, scientific, had had the requirement of large-scale promotion. Shi He child the cotton that city is Xinjiang advocate produce a division, also be the throughout the country's biggest colour cotton cultivates base, the production of cotton of color of the earliest introduce a fine variety builds its churchyard corps 148 groups, be granted the countryside ” title of cotton of “ China colour by national Ministry of Agriculture. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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