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China is made be in with exit butterfly change
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The Beijing international car November 18, 2006 is exhibited on, laisuoda of the Sileji that overcome Lai's round president surprises in Chinese own brand of lucky car exhibit an area to announce, prospective strange luck will take the place of for Kelaisile labour, in China manufacturing B class is mixed more diminutive car, face overseas market. This momently, make a standard integratedly what enough makes the world new examine China.

After entering a life 5 years, the structural sex that China makes upgrades the footstep is becoming clear.

Transition, beg change

Heart volition bank (Deutsche Bank) today cloth report shows Xia Gong, exit product of China is changing add watch to expensive product. Since 2005, component of Chinese telegraphic equipment, car, software and marine export already increased 30% to 150% . Contrary, in many domains, those already the low end that overseas market held huge share the product exports backwater not before. Estimation did not come 3 to 5 years, export of product of Chinese high end will increase 30% every year to 40% .

In heart volition bank fine horse of horse of presiding China economist looks, state-owned company gets the increasing ratio of the private enterprise quickly much, a lot of private enterprises already turned into high-end product quickly, obtain profit margin in order to have the market.

Meanwhile, the technical content of product of traditional and strong exit also is rising ceaselessly.

“ almost your conceivable world-renowned dress brand, there is acting labour to produce in China. ” China trade closes to standing vice-chairman Zhang Yankai says branch of meeting spin industry so. In the workshop that contains grand clothing limited company in Hangzhou Zhejiang, workers are producing George · A Mani (the manual tailor dress of Giorgio Armani) , george · A Mani allows these expensive clotheses to hit “ China to make the brand of ” .

Shandong flexibly Ding Cailing of group vice president says, its cotton spinning and wool spinning product have respectively nearly 50% with nearly 70% exit. Their factory uses the most advanced entrance spin machine entirely, “ Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the equipment of which country had better set every kind together ” .

Research and development does not throw whole of Chinese spin industry to 1% of sale, and flexibly the group was achieved 10% . Rose on December 14, 2006, china exports dry goods drawback from 13% reduce to 11% , ding Cailing says this is right flexibly group “ affects ” without what almost, the wool interest rate of their wool textile is achieved 31% , ask to the technology gain of more slashing cotton spinning product is more sizable.

But the person that eliminate minority aboves average, majority spin and light industrial the industry still suffers in turning over the trade barrier such as the dumping. China is made encountering a when turn over a dumping main reason time and again is, a lot of enterprises still rely on radical price to regard competition as strategy. At present, european Union committee is considering pair of China 8 kinds of textile undertake turning over a dumping. Before 2006 3 months, chinese textile exports average amplitude for 20% , increase rate of the amount in the product that exports to Europe is achieved highestly 6600% , and the price falls all exceed 15% , enrol from this to western country rebound strongly.
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