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Twisting frame of numerical control of Hangzhou long ala is popular the market
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Grow limited company of alar spin machinery and Zhejiang engineering by Hangzhou the Zhejiang province science and technology that the courtyard finishs jointly plans priority discipline “ numerical control of one footwork computer is compound twisting frame ” , the moving proof that passes the market two years, not only country is pretty annul, still export the nation such as Indonesian, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, make the good product that replaces an entrance.

Twist thread traditionally craft is to use a certain number of planting equipment makes twist first, and and second twist multilayer treatment working procedure, its defect is labour force takes up rate of much, automation is low, equipment and workshop investment are large, specific power consumption is big. One footwork of abroad is compound twisting frame starts than home early, representative enterprise has Italian LEMA company and Japanese persimmon wood company limited. Home also has an enterprise to be modelled on one footwork is compound twisting frame, but as a result of ingot fast size of low, package is small, cannot get used to weaving to use the production of plied yarn product, and use mechanical means control, the figure that become a canister is single, number of turn and twist to it is difficult to adjust, cannot realize real time to control. Efficiency of degree of a kind of automation, production is tall, the computer that suits to be produced with plied yarn small lot, much breed at weaving controls compound twisting frame will more and more produce company place favour to twist thread.

” of compound twisting frame of one footwork numerical control obtains the “ that Hangzhou grows an ala to spin aircraft company to develop the country is practical and new-style patent 1, banner level of technical divisions country. Equipment uses the form of double-faced double deck, will make a line machine place must twist first, close and gather of second twist working procedure is on an equipment one pace is finished. Twisting frame uses the computer to control technical implementation to be opposite twist first the real time of number of turn is self-adjusting and right first, second twist number of turn is compared undertake trends constant control; To each craft parameter, if second twist ingot is slow fast start reach dynamic timing, winding horn and Cheng of the form that become a canister, poor jiggle and cycle to wait, undertake free set and whole process monitoring, shorten traditional technological process; The pace is used to take control of electric machinery computer on the winding figuration of plied yarn, increase figuration to plant several, improve canister quality; Change the trends that controls frequency conversion through computer intelligence, achieve twist first ingot fast along with second twist ingot fast change and change, realized the real time monitoring that to twisting first second twist number of turn compares, controlled effectively not divide evenly rate. Mode of this one control also makes twist the complete computerization set of craft is controlled first very convenient, thread norms range is wide, be helpful for much breed, small lot and fast rhythm twist thread manufacturing mode, apply to embroidery thread, box extensively bag line, knitting line, woven the twisting preparation project of the line. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to
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