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In sewing machine of flexure of music of switch of double standard of nimble hig
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Switch of double standard of name ZJ457b-DP-L-F high speed seams sewing machine zigzag
Inc. of sewing machine of the nimble in the company
Characteristic 1 added unit of double cam switch
2 set cam to compensate an orgnaization automatically
3 add unit of fine tuning of pressurization foot pressure, pressure adjustment bolt sets tall scale
4 used those who contain referenced line and locking device to adjust control lever
Tooth form of 5 broaden synchronism takes round of structure
6 needles lever and the phasic improvement of shuttle coming back
1 simply pulls effect move switch board hand to be able to realize one pace to was mixed at 2 o'clock 3 paces the switch of mark of four kinds of lines, one machine is amphibious
2 can make the service life of cam is lengthened, more wear well
3 more convenient operations
4 make adjust the line mark that the word seams goes to the lavatory more simply
5 effective ground prevented those who be the same as gear to jump tine
6 machines noise reduced 2-3 decibel
7 sew can be more stable
Inc. of sewing machine of the nimble in setting can produce 12 old series the industrial sewing machine of 100 many breed, the product passes attestation of system of quality of ISO9001 of company of German Lai mattress and European CE attestation
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