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Family expenses machine " get a new lease of life "
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Answer the development history of sewing machine of eye family expenses, american winner sewing machine was inputted in great quantities by the port such as Shanghai, Guangzhou 1910, rapid forestall at that time the sewing machine market of countrywide each district. To alter this kind of aspect of market of each district of whole nation of forestall of winner sewing machine, on Ji Guozhen of dark dragon Chinese gets the better of beautiful sew factory at was being opened 1928, successful trial-produce sewing machine of the first homebred family expenses of Chinese, lifted the history of industry of sewing machine of Chinese family expenses from this, in Chinese nation the brushstroke that issued thick Mo Chongcai also is written on industrial history.
Historical wheel advances 20 centuries 70, 80 time, no less than at the outset Ji Guozhen is fatidical in that way: “ will come one day, every daughter gets married, want to company of a sewing machine is married! Sewing machine of ” family expenses becomes the requisite on youth marriage list of present. But 20 centuries 90 years since, as the rise of the change of people lifestyle and industrial sewing machine, family expenses sewing machine faded out of the eye shot of people gradually, and market of sewing machine of our country family expenses also appeared unprecedented “ is agelong and off-season the circumstance of ” . From at the outset infinite ” goes to “ scene “ is agelong and off-season ” , people can'ts help wanting to ask, has bad Taoist school exited historical arena “ to be gone forever with sewing machine ” ? The current situation of market of sewing machine of Chinese family expenses nowadays how? Be “ does not return ” or “ Mei Kaier spends ” ?
On November 8, 2006, saltant group is located in 5 “ by crossroads of the road of Shenyang city Zhongshan, Mount Hua road, new Hua Lu, road that protect worker worker, Yellow River to leap respectively ” love the home is muti_function brand shop of family expenses machine in order to consolidate figure at the same time embark upon a political venture, not minor sensation was caused in place and industry of machinery of our country tailor. According to saltant northeast area chief says arrange of “ this with one action makes saltant brand is in not only Shenyang market is overall start shooting, and can satisfy the demand ” with local exuberant to family expenses machine consumer in time.
Recently, regard Beijing of product of sewing machine of family expenses of Japanese brother brand as the agent, the gentleman of labour of a surname head of trading company of equipment of sew of Beijing Ying Zhengwei course of study is accepting a reporter to interview also spoke of similar point of view, he expresses: “ is the closest two years, rise ceaselessly as what our country people living standard and fashionable to dress sex, individuation asks, our country is large and medium-sized market of sewing machine of the family expenses in the city warms up ceaselessly. It is with respect to the statistical data with headquarters of Japanese brother company exemple, one this year machine of brotherly brand family expenses was in our country 2005 gross of sale of each district market grew nearly 50 % , this — data also caused the high attention of brotherly company headquarters. ” but whether true to market of family expenses sewing machine get warm again after a cold spell, there are two kinds of different sounds in the industry.
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