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Spin machine industry 2006 situation of 1-10 menstruation help
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1-10 month spun plane travel owner to want economic norms 2006 is a basis of the collect of integrated statistic data of company of machinery of 749 manufacturing spin of countrywide, equipment, run a circumstance to make brief introduction to spinning machine industry economy below.
One, economy of spin machinery industry runs a condition
1-10 month is main 2006 economic norms relatively the growth that the corresponding period had distinct range last year. Show according to statistical data, end by October, entire industry finishs gross value of industrial output (active price) forty-one billion six hundred and seventy-eight million yuan, grow 23.80% compared to the same period; Advocate business Wu income forty billion one hundred and seventy-three million yuan, grow 19.67% compared to the same period; Profit total 2.172 billion yuan, grow 27.16% compared to the same period. Deficit enterprise 114, grow 3.64% compared to the same period; Deficit range is 15.22% , increase 0.53 percent compared to the same period, deficit specified number is 178 million yuan, grow 86.73% compared to the same period; Production value profit margin is 5.21% , increase 0.14 percent compared to the same period; Profit of average per capita 9969 yuan, grow 24.68 % compared to the same period.
2, circumstance of spin machinery imports and exports
According to custom statistic, amount of imports and exports of machinery of spin of 1-10 month our country was 4.252 billion dollar 2006, grow 20.58 % compared to the same period. Spin loom instrument to import amount to be 3.249 billion dollar among them, grow 15.12% compared to the same period. Spin machinery exports amount to be 1.002 billion dollar, grow 42.49% compared to the same period.
1. Spin machinery imports product breed respect
From 2006 machinery of 1-10 month spin imports amount circumstance to look, mix except machinery of knitting machinery, loom, spinning, auxiliary unit and spare parts weaving prepares mechanical entrance to grow somewhat beyond, the entrance of other and special device relatively the fall that the corresponding period all had different rate last year, following chart place are shown.
Unit: Dollar
Amount of product name accumulative total last year amount of amount of accumulative total of the corresponding period compared to the same period±%
Aggregate 3248938396 2822227517 15.12
862803193 665258028 29.69 of knitting frame instrument
Loom 607930136 486608439 24.93
Hind of printing and dyeing arranges mechanical 572301026 627571779 -8.81
512978120 341388080 50.26 of spinning machine instrument
Assist device and spare parts 362926076 330140951 9.93
243562988 277714477 -12.30 of chemical fibber machinery
Weaving prepares mechanical 69783792 58278600 19.74
Be not weaving machinery 16653065 35267163 -52.78
2. Import the main source of spin machinery
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