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Pinprick equipment buckles craft closely to carry out innovation
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In recent years, blame weaving cloth regards a kind of muti_function fiber as composite material, industrial domain waits in building, medicine as a result of more application, development promotion is very fast, had formed peculiar industrial structure system, by the industry inside praise for ” of industry of “ rising sun. Blame weaving cloth differs according to craft cent is stuck to spin, a variety of means such as gush of thorn of pinprick, water, frit, among them, cloth of pinprick blame weaving is used extensively at liner of line of industrial papermaking blanket, high-grade clothing, car, wipe cloth, leather base material of cloth, adornment, filter the product such as material. Corresponding, the manufacturing level of equipment of pinprick blame weaving and technical innovation also are in ceaseless promotion. The reporter follows this kind of craft walks into pinprick to be not weaving cloth equipment to produce enterprise and spin business, understand the use situation of pinprick craft.

Equipment is offerred accord with market development

From the point of company of pinprick equipment production, the corresponding facility that the unit such as limited company of machinery of spin of embellish of sea of limited company of limited company of Zhengzhou spin machinery, Qingdao spin machinery, Jiangsu has had more perfect form a complete set is offerred. Zhengzhou spins machine development and pinprick of production high speed of whole set high yield to be not weaving cloth equipment to include Cong Kaisong, comb pinprick to become an entire line technology and fixture, the PCL that form a complete set chooses abroad to import, transducer, servo is general with special form a complete set, main part designs equipment the construction is reasonable, precision is tall. Zhengzhou spins the pinprick product line of machine to be able to think the user is offerred from the project combination of design, craft, plant layout, installation is debugged wait for a system to serve. Qingdao spins the pinprick technology range of products of machine to include beforehand pinprick machine, pinprick machine, and can use at pinprick to be not weaving cloth product line advocate the different of pinprick and shave pinprick wait to thorn machine. Among them beforehand pinprick machine introduces double axis drive, pricker traverse can achieve 70mm, pin plate jacket has spacing automatic stop, and feel parameter of screen indication craft, convenient adjust. Different cover an area of a face to accumulate the characteristic with small, compact structure to pricking machines and tools to have, gasoline tank of uses dynamic balancing of double crankshaft drive can make every pin plate moves more smooth. And the pinprick production facilities of limited company of machinery of spin of Jiangsu sea embellish shares 48 kinds of model at present nearly 200 kinds of type are chosen for the user, include stripe pinprick machine, fleece-faced a variety of special pinprick such as machine of machine of pinprick machine, jacquard weave pinprick, shoulder pad pinprick machine.
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