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Seam the road of ERP of look forward to now
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Follow of ” of seminar of informatization of association of machine of “2006 China tailor in seam assist trade work theme decided 7 when held in March this year 5 board general to build the drive that advances year of ” for “ enterprise informatization 2006, reflected the “ informatization ” of the industry adequately to be determined.

This seminar, the purpose depends on promoting the informatization of the enterprise inside course of study working standard, scholar of industry leader, relevant expert, and the relevant enterprise such as 5 water chestnut represents gram of Zhejiang Xin Jie, Ning Bo to make a speech in succession on the meeting, be aimed at tailor equipment industry
Characteristic had the introduction of the idea that elaborate and carries out experience to ERP.

What can informatization do

Current, in the production that IT blends in global enterprise already deeply and operation, had become the nerve composition with powerful enterprise. Information more by accepted a kind of be an enterprise main asset, become the cornerstone that ensures company goal comes true. The advantage of enterprise implementation informatization basically reflects in the following respects:

Instant sex: Below the condition of ERR, the data is linkage and can update at any time, every concerned personnel can master instant information at any time. In current information society, want a bosom friend to tell the other not only, even expensive in “ instant ” , whether such, its effect is disparate.

Compositive sex: Below ERP condition, of all sorts of information compositive will provide requirement for decision-making scientific sex. In guide after person ERP, all sorts of information can undertake easily joining, the budget plans more accurate, control more fulfil, also make control of the difference analysis between the number that produces actually and budget, government more easy with fast.

Foresight sex: The other subsystem confluence of the accountant subsystem of ERP system and ERP system is together, accountant subsystem accountant of collect finance affairs, government accountant, cost accountant at an organic whole. This kind of system is integrated, the information that reachs its system furnishs, analysis of sex of the look up before be helpful for finance affairs doing and forecast. Through analysing the data of calendar year, reach one develops a tendency, decision-making to investment of company high level the auxiliary effect with can rise very main.

What should notice in informatization process

On this conference, the expert carries out the respect that puts forward to should notice to basically be the following to informatization:

1: Want to know what enterprise itself needs clearly, be opposite in the ERP that the enterprise carries out on actual condition foundation that is to say is to should have very strong specific aim for the enterprise. Place of Mr Chen Qishen says the senior expert of academy of design of ministry of industry of machinery of no less than, “ cannot for informatization informatization, informatization is a method only, it is auxiliary tool, what the enterprise needs truly is the benefit ” that informatization place brings.
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