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Textile " campaign is taken on the west " beware backward equipment move
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From this year the beginning of the year begins, outback part province and western ground of in quick succession holds district court business, each district plans to seize the opportunity that foreland textile gradient transfers, make our region spin dress machining center and center of design research and development. The expert inside course of study points out clearly to this one trend, the gradient move of textile must be the move that the industry upgrades, beware of backward equipment move and each place industry do blindly big, cause new round yield can be superfluous.

The expert points out, the main body of our country textile industry is in the eastpart part, production, treatment, exit and benefit basically are in Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong to wait for a few the eastpart part centrally coastal province, the insecurity of the respect waits in natural resources of raw material, artificial, land as a result of foreland, and rise to what environmental protection asks, the industry makes the trend henceforth to move of department of Chinese and Western.

Regard foreland spin as the enterprise for, stem from the cost pressure such as raw material, labour force, and the element consideration such as environmental protection, land, move of department of textile Chinese and Western already became the reality that company place should face, be decided to be the way that prospective company grows. Area of province of ministry of Chinese and Western is seize this one opportunity, make a cost foundation of basis of low, property good, market is big wait for fascia to be contended for eagerly grab enterprise of spin of the eastpart part to arrive to save be born originally.

Current, textile “ is spreading out quickly into athletic ” on the west, each province area also is in ministry of Chinese and Western to grab the fruit that eats industrial move eagerly. Statistical data shows, this year first half of the year, the amplitude of investment of textile fixed assets of center-west region is apparent area of prep above the eastpart part, achieve 76% , area of tower above the eastpart part 43.4 percent.

The grandiose cause that ministries of many Chinese and Western saved an area to put forward “ to build ” of the throughout the country's important textile industry base now, also made productivity of cotton spinning of such as “ strive to achieve the distant view goal such as ” of above of 15 million ingot, the textile gross that visits an area each plus ministry of Chinese and Western catenary of not big, industry is not complete, in hoping here second industry changes a course, do big. But for and other places of the Henan that serves as inland, Hubei, when foreland develops quickly, its spin industry still has the dimensions that comparative.

Current, henan, Hubei still has about a hundred the productivity of 10 thousand ingot, if these areas still are only with cost low, favourable policy attracts investment of business of the eastpart part, bring about likely be similar to the part that uses foreign capital blindly to bring negative effect, carry on blindly backward produce can bring about more likely repeat build and new round produce can superfluous. Accordingly, textile is transferred to ministry of Chinese and Western is the move that the industry upgrades, outback government should make corresponding policy, protect innovation ability of the industry, put an end to superfluous, backward yield can transfer our region. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to
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