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Next year of Chinese rigid industry still has ample development space
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Yesterday, national hair changes appoint economic moving bureau published report of newest mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, the report shows, before 10 months, income of business of this owner battalion 4.27 trillion yuan, grow 30.2% compared to the same period, amplitude increases 9.2 percent; Profit total 230 billion yuan, grow 41.7% , relatively on year the corresponding period increases 39.6 percent. This report thinks, next year of Chinese rigid industry still has ample development space.

Divine light analyses:
1, export rapid growth external. According to custom statistic, 2006 1 ~ October, our country exports project machine in all 7.54 billion dollar, than 2005 the corresponding period grows 61.3% . General commerce and contract external the project is pulled move export fast growth. 1 ~ October, our country exports project machine with general trade pattern 4.4 billion dollar, grow 63.6% , 58.5% what occupy project machine to export total. Contract external the mushroom that is versed in the mushroom of Cheng drives project machine, 1 ~ in October, our country contracts external project exit is mechanical 770 million dollar, grow 1.2 considerably times. State-owned with the private enterprise exit is added fast faster, it is exit main force. 2006 1 ~ October, the foreign trader invests an enterprise to export 3.44 billion dollar, grow 50.9% , hold export total 45.6% ; State-owned company exports 2.44 billion dollar, grow 52.4% ; The private enterprise exports 1.42 billion dollar to grow 1.3 times. Although value of foreign company exit is greater, but if will state-owned company is mixed,the export value of the private enterprise incorporates, they had replaced a foreign trader to invest an enterprise to become the main force of exit, and its exit is added fast faster. Increase of exit ceaselessly, the yield that released home effectively can, make domestic supply demand relations gets alleviating apparently. At the same time before 10 months, machinist job exports 115.8 billion dollar, grow 36.8% ; Import 115.9 billion dollar, grow 21% . Accumulative total unfavorable balance of trade is 130 million dollar only, than last year the corresponding period reduces 11 billion dollar, imports and exports is balanced basically. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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