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Domestic mechanical company invests Vietnam foreground to value
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Current, vietnam is very exuberant to the demand of machinery and technology, and the industry of Vietnam mainland still is in start level, cannot satisfy the need that the society admits, the mechanical equipment of 90% above needs to count foreign import, for this rigid business to China, be the development good chance of a rare.

According to introducing, at present the mechanical product of Japan and China held Vietnam staple market, chinese machinery is cheap and fine, carry convenient, because this China machinery makes the first selection of Vietnam. According to Vietnam concerned respect predicts, arrive before 2010, vietnam year all rigid market demand amounts to 7 billion dollar about, vietnam machinery sectional plan introduces foreign capital, accelerate development, annual produce grew 14% ~ 2005 15% , achieve growth to 2010 40% , be equivalent to 2.8 billion ~ 3 billion dollar.

In the tax rate of newest import goods privilege that this year Vietnam Ministry of finance issued recently in August, machinery of shoe change industry imports duty for 0, construction machinery (20 tons of the following roller are for 5%) import tariff 0, duty bugle call imports tax rate to be respectively from the 8432 aricultural job machine to 8437 kinds 0% , 5% with 20% .

Chinese spare parts is in Vietnam ovation. A lot of people the detail of loaded down with trivial details to reduce pass a barrier, OK even the spare parts break up the whole into parts tractor, lorry, put in pocket inner tube to be sold to Vietnam, earn among them price difference. This basically makes an enterprise be dimensions of medium, small company for the most part as a result of the machinery that Vietnam churchyard invests build now, the product basically is common and mechanical spare parts, did not form climate, equipment of foreign brand machinery still gets Vietnam user reception. Expert introduction, vietnam machine technology lags behind 50 years than world advanced level at least, lag behind 20 years than country of other southeast Asia.

Company of Vietnam machinery engineering in view of this country confidence of mechanical to mainland subscribe is not worth consumer, because this auxes would rather with foreign course of study person sign machinery to purchase a contract or import a contract. Industry public figure says, industry of Vietnam machinery engineering grows bottleneck to be broken through not easily at present, sale in domestic market is small fan, and the foreign country is mechanical year of entrance forehead 50% what occupy Vietnam whole to import the specified amount. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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