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The European Union turns over dumping big stick-means of intimidation to cast of
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According to relevant media coverage, the expert inside course of study warns a company again, answer to develop product of high-grade and additional cost energetically, develop diversity market, with avoid risk, seek lives with development.

The business day that although gain cent,fastens tax rate is uneasy also. Heibei arranges Da Zhu to build the Liu Xiaozhi general manager of limited company to introduce to the reporter, what they obtain is of 28.6% return dumping tax rate, to this also relatively bear hard. The well covers the dominant product that is this factory, export volume was 13000 tons last year, basically sell the European country such as westerly class tooth, Italy. Divide at present outside receiving little part to live, the enterprise is in stop production basically wait-and-see condition. Because they handed in questionnaire, because this hopeful is delimited,enter the range of price acceptance enterprise. Liu Zong says, they are awaiting.

Differ with the destiny of these enterprises, quan Xin and additional the enterprise of 4 0 tax rate, kept the market not only, can enlarge portion further from this even. The reporter adds general manager to complete Xin Zhangquan interview for a time by the foreign trader call in be interrupted, he expresses, at present the order of the enterprise is not done, the prospect that exports the market is good, they are increasing ability to change, strive to produce can achieve 449 tons.

The expert inside course of study thinks, every time after dumping case passes, the market will new conformity, this more not exceptional. Of large quantities of small companies roll out or close down, market share reapportion, besides transfer to other country likely, also will more to such as a few a few such enterprises center Quan Xin. Industry front is facing reshuffle.

Liu Huijuan thinks, although cast an industry this performance is positive, but still some of problem is worth to think over. It is Information Circular problem, a few enterprises especially small company, do not have oneself website not only, do not have more register in 114, once occupied and essential cannot find; Company of a few foreign trade also bears the blame not quite, did not report the case in time the company that has business connection with its. 2 it is to cast an industry major dimensions is lesser, level of management is finite, especially financial management is not quite normative, the international that items of an account does not accord with European Union place to ask is current and regular, business accounts problem already became Chinese enterprise to obtain one of the biggest obstacles of market economy position; Some enterprises are here newspaper name or share drop retaining fee, feel to already entrusted law case went out, OK have nothing worry about, again also pretermission. Liu Huijuan says, because fill in independently,questionnaire compares difficulty to the enterprise, invite lawyer charge to be compared again tall, a lot of enterprises did not fill in finally questionnaire. But the result proof of this law case, those businesses that refer questionnaire actively became the person that be benefited, and the enters price acceptance business that at present European Union place chooses also was in surely in the enterprise limits that refers questionnaire. In hoping because of this chamber of commerce the close a case returning do all one can henceforth should appeal to, the business is can more active, serious the ground treats questionnaire, create more opportunities for oneself.
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