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The commonly used function in axial-flow pump use process adjusts method
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Axial-flow pump in use, sometimes water pump function does not accord with production to need, be about to adjust water pump function, can satisfy real need what make. For example winter low water, summer flood season, enter pool or gave cistern water level to produce change, namely height of practically form pump up water was changed, the lift that decides so and discharge are already incommensurate, loss of efficiency, water pump moves wasteful. So, if want water pump to be able to satisfy new requirement already, can work below taller efficiency again, this undertakes modulatory to water pump function with respect to need.
The function of axial-flow pump adjusts, use two kinds of methods normally:
1. Gearshift adjustment we had known, axial-flow pump works below certain rotate speed, and obtain corresponding discharge, lift, power and efficiency to wait. After rotate speed is changed, its performance data also produces change accordingly, achieve modulatory goal thereby. If axial-flow pump is to use diesel engine or gasoline engine to make dynamic, changeable accelerator bulk comes gearshift; If axial-flow pump and dynamical machine connect,be to use V belt or smooth leather belt of indirect gearing, can change transmission diameter of leather belt annulus comes gearshift, change driving pulley or driven pulley are OK, the purpose is change drive speed ratio. Function of gearshift adjustment water pump, contrast economy, suitable scope is wider, right all and agricultural water pump all can be used.
2. Change horny adjustment looks from construction, axial-flow pump impeller has tremendous boss, facilitating installation is adjustable the lamina of angle. After blade installs angle to change, blade also was changed to the lift of water, changed the character of service of water pump thereby, this is axial-flow pump change horny adjustment. Install horny accretion, decrescent as blade, the discharge of axial-flow pump, lift, power namely subsequently and change, but, efficiency apogee changes without what however, extremely be helpful for axial-flow pump function adjusting.
According to impeller anatomical, blade installs device circumstance of horn, blade cent is 3 kinds of types:
(1) blade lamina and hub cast stationary to be one whole, blade installed horn to already was secured when the design is made, cannot adjust in use process. This kind of impeller is multi-purpose at small-sized pump.
(2) adjust partly blade is on impeller hub, the fixed screw cap every lamina and fixed position screw are loose, according to the requirement, adjust blade installation role into consistent, of close solid. General lamina installs part from lose 100 ― 180. Inside this limits, will adjust by use requirement.
(3) the angle adjustment of special design comes to have the aid of of lamina of loose-leaf type lamina adjust, need not disassemble impeller, OK and direct clutch operation will change blade to install angle, its adjusting range from 0 ― 260. Blade angle adjustment has machinery adjustment and hydraulic pressure to adjust two kinds. This kind of impeller is used for large axial-flow pump more.
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