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Stainless steel ABC
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Photograph of element of two-spot of chromic, nickel cooperates to comprise chromic nickel stainless steel, it is a kind of better stainless steel. A large number of nickel are being added in this kind of stainless steel is to get onefold austenite is organized, raise its to be able to bear or endure thereby corrode sex and craft sex. There is sex of very strong plasticity He Ren below normal temperature and low temperature, do not provide magnetism, it is better to have fight function is corroded between brilliant.
(1) chromium is right of stainless steel be able to bear or endure the main effect since corrode function
Chromium is corrosion resistance of decision stainless steel can main element, because chromium is contained to be able to make stainless steel produces passivation phenomenon in oxidation medium in steel, form a very thin film in the surface namely, rich inside this film collect chromic. Chromic quantity is contained to heal in steel tall, corrosion resistance can heal strong. In addition, chromium can have very good aggrandizement effect to the mechanical function of steel and technical properties.
(2) the nickel influence to stainless steel
Show adequately in the ability when it and chromium cooperate only come. Nickel is the alloying element that forms austenite, when nickel and chromium cooperate to use, can make metallographic organization turns into by single-phase ferrite double photograph organizes austenite and ferrite, through heat treatment, can increase strength, make its are had thereby stronger do not become rusty be able to bear or endure corrode sex and good deformation performance.
2, the foreign matter influence to function
Upright when the quantity that contain carbon between 0.1%~0.3% when, after anneal, carbon will be in with black lead condition between crystal lattice on the bound separate out, destroyed the adhesion between grain, reduce the intensity of nickel and plasticity strongly, make treatment is out of shape generation is difficult.
Additionally carbon and chromium have very strong affinity, can form a series of carbide. The quantity containing carbon in steel heals tall, formation carbonization chromium heals much, chromic quantity is contained to decrease relatively in solid solution, the corrosion resistance of steel can be met reduce.
Sulfur is harmful impurity, sulfur and nickel form Ni3S2 compound, ni3S2 and nickel form low melting point in 625 ℃ in all brilliant, distributing to go up in the bound between grain, be out of shape when heat temperature exceeds in all when brilliant melting point, namely craze of the bound between edge grain, produce alleged " to heat up fragile " phenomenon. The Ni3S2 that nickel generates with sulfur when normal temperature can cause cold short.

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