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The advantage of pump of blowdown of the dive in analyse project reachs use situ
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Pump of phreatic water blowdown is a kind of pump and electric machinery join system, the pump that slips into the job below fluid at the same time kind product, compare with general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, pump of phreatic water blowdown has the advantage of the following respects apparently:
1. The structure is compact, cover an area of an area small. Because pump of phreatic water blowdown slips into the job below fluid, can install directly accordingly within cesspool, need not build special pump room to use installation pump and machine, can save much land and capital construction cost.
2. Installation maintenance is convenient. Diminutive dives blowdown pump can be installed freely, pump of large phreatic water blowdown deserves to automatic lotus root adds up to device to be able to undertake be installinged automatically commonly, installation and maintenance are quite convenient.
3. Successive movement time is long. Pump of phreatic water blowdown because pump and electric machinery coaxial, the axis is short, rotational component weight is light, because of load of the susceptive on this bearing (radial) relatively lesser, life should grow more than general pump.
4. Nonexistent cavitation destroys the problem such as the pilot a ship into a harbour that reach fill. Especially hind to the operation personnel brought very big convenience.
5. Oscillatory noise is little, electric machinery temperature rise is small, to environmental free from contamination.
As a result of afore-mentioned advantages, pump of phreatic water blowdown already more and more get the attention of people, use range is wider and wider also, use by original pure ground carry clear water to arrive to be able to carry feed of shape of catchment of all sorts of sewage, industrial waste water, construction site, fluid present etc.
Very main effect is having in all trades and professions such as construction of municipal project, industry, hospital, building, restaurant, irrigation works. But aught is one divides into two, the most crucial to pump of phreatic water blowdown question is but * sex problem, because dive the use circumstance of blowdown pump is the medium that carries in the; below fluid,be a few mixed liquor that contain solid stock body; pump and electric machinery * get pump of very close; to be decorated for vertical, rotational component weight and impeller bear hydraulic force is the same as to. These problems make pump of phreatic water blowdown is decorated in carrying capacity of sealed, electric machinery, bearing reach choose the requirement that waits for a respect to want than general sewage pump tall.
To improve the life of pump of phreatic water blowdown, domestic and international now major manufacturer thinks way on the protection system of pump, can undertake calling the police automatically when the breakdown such as pump happening leak, overload, overheating namely, stop aircraft equipment automatically to repair. But we think, protection system is installed in pump of phreatic water blowdown very be necessary, it protects the safety of electric pump effectively to move.
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