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The type selecting of the water pump in irrigating is used reach its trouble rem
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1, the type selecting of water pump
The design of 1.1 water pump 1. 1. 1 rated discharge. Rated discharge should be measured according to water of irrigating farm area, fill, annulus fill day number affirmatory, the abidance that at the same time the discharge of water pump still should be less than fountainhead water supply quantity, in order to ensure water pump moves continuously.
1. 1. 2 rated head. The lift of water pump points to the total lift of water system all, namely actual lift (by the pumping station address of make choice of ground condition and fountainhead state decision, it is equal to into, the tall difference that gives cistern water level) with loss lift (0 what be equal to actual lift. 10- - 0. 20) the sum.
1. Of 2 water pump fast model. Use water pump staff according to rated discharge and rated head or list of water pump performance chooses water pump (discharge and lift must conform to) undertake school nucleus according to the pipeline system of configuration next, if water pump does not move in concentrated area, answer to choose afresh.
2, the use of water pump
2. The installation of 1 water pump 2. 1. Below the 1 condition that allows in geographical environment, water pump should approach source of water as far as possible, in order to reduce the length of suction hose. Water pump installs the foundation of place to answer firm, to stationary pumping station should build special base. 2. 1. 2 wirereinforced suction hose road should sealed and reliable, must have special prop up, cannot a string of 1 go up in water pump. Of the wirereinforced suction hose of heart valve, should make line of bottom valve shaft and horizontal perpendicular as far as possible installation, the included angle of its axes and horizontal must not be less than 45 ° . When fountainhead is channel, heart valve should prep above benthic 0. 50 meters of above, and add a net to prevent sundry enter pump inside. 2. 1. Base of 3 machine, pump should level, answer with fundamental coupling firm. Machine, pump when belt-conveyor, leather belt strict limit is falling, such transmission efficiency are tall, water pump impeller changes direction should agree with arrowhead directive direction; When using shaft coupling transmission, machine, pump must be the same as axes.
2. 2 examinations 2. 2. 1 pump shaft turns Ying Ling lives, without clash; Pump shaft diameter does not have apparent rock, add enough calcium base lube. 2. 2. 2 examinations wirereinforced suction hose whether damaged, should stick in time to craze place long; The examination tightens solid bolt to whether become loose each, screw shake bolt. 2. 2. Insulation of the electric machinery winding of 3 sumbersible pump, report should accord with a requirement, ability is used.
2. 3 move with jockey 2. 3. 1 water pump moves in should notice to examine vacuum meter and pressure watch at any time, monitor and record the working case of water pump, listen attentively to have as good as constant sound of sth astir, bearing is in whether temperature is too high, water of filling case drop is too little, it is normal to still need to check water pump rotate speed and leather belt degree of tightness to spend. 2.3. 2 sumbersible pump must work in embedded water, once show surface to should cut off the power immediately,stop to move, have the risk of burn down otherwise. 2.3. Water pump of 3 soar Cheng stops when machine, should prohibit breaking momentum suddenly, produce water easily to attack otherwise and attaint water pump or pipeline; To the system is defeated by water of brake a powerful person, stop brake valve should be closed adagio when machine, stop next machine; To be being smoked with bavin machine for aircrew of dynamic pump water, after also answering to decrease oil gradually, stop machine. Winter stops answer to put the water inside pump when machine clean, crack with antirust corrode or aspic; Stop for a long time when machine, should ravel each component, wipe, check and repair, assemble next, store in dry place.
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