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Association of Chinese knitting industry revises constitution
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One, application content: Change way

2, application reason:

Association of Chinese knitting industry held water 1990, because of national structural reorganization, the officer unit of association produces change, for this association Cheng also should do the chapter to be revised accordingly. Additional, according to the requirement of civil administration ministry, to constitution medium other item also was done edit accordingly.

3, main change content:

1, about general principles of “ of the first chapter”
(1) former this association of the 3rd “ ministry of civil administration of classics People's Republic of China registration book, business officer unit is commission of national economy trade. The business guidance that association accepts business to be in charge of unit, mass organizations to register management department and supervisory management ” are adjusted now reach the 4th, content repairs instead “ this association accepts the State Council to the business of committee of state-owned asset supervisory management and civil administration ministry coachs and control government, accept association of Chinese textile industry at the same time govern on somebody's behalf ” .
(2) right former the first rule is other each clause order undertakes adjustment, content is changeless.

2, about origanization construction of “ of the 4th chapter”
(1) former dozenth in hold the content such as fixed number of year to member congress state, adjust to show the 15th, 4 years congress of former “ member ” repairs every “ in 4 years of ” instead “ 5 years of ” , the term fixed number of year that the association in showing the 25th leads repairs instead “ 5 years subsequently ” ; Cancel former dozenth in “ holds member congress, be in the 15 content that informed a member of ” a few days ago by the secretary.
(2) cancel former the 15th medium “ board sets a director, vice-president a certain number of names, secretary-general. Governor tenure of office 4 years, can choose ” of be reappointed consecutively and “ board to be in charge of calling together by the director repeatedly, biennially holds the content of ” .
(3) former the 16th is opposite of council powers and authorities of office in stating, cancel former the 2nd medium “ election and unmake standing director ” ; Increase the member that show the 3rd “ to prepare call together to attend a meeting congress ” ; Will former “ of long instead of the working report that the 5th “ discusses association and financial report ” works to member congress report and financial standing ” ; Increase show the 8th “ to head this group each orgnaization begins the work ” and show the 9th “ to make ” of interior management system.
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