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Textile exit runs way (full text) (2)
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Textile exit runs way (provisional)

The first exports management order for normative textile, basis " law of foreign trade of People's Republic of China " and " administration of People's Republic of China allows a law " , make this way.

The 2nd Department of Commerce is in charge of countrywide textile exporting administrative job, total bureau of total arrange and qualitative check is made and adjust jointly with custom " textile exit manages catalogue temporarily " (the following abbreviation " administrative catalogue " ) .

" administrative catalogue " should release with announcement form, the product category that content includes to involve and date of its tax regulations, country that involve or limits of area, executive time and permissive gross.

City of only kind of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan, Xinjiang produces accredit of the 3rd Department of Commerce business affairs of city of construction large unit and Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi'an is in charge of a branch (business affairs of place of the following abbreviation is in charge of a branch) textile of responsible our region temporarily.

The proposal of qualitative check total bureau according to Department of Commerce, temporarily afore-mentioned branches are in charge of accredit " administrative catalogue " the letter of country of origin that arranges textile signs and issue the job.

This the 4th method exit country points to ultimate goal country (area) , improvement trade exit points to declare at customs actually exit country (area) . About entrepot trade management, not applicable this method.

This the 5th method applies to treatment of general commerce, barter, supplied materials to assemble the commerce, compensation trade, textile that takes the makings treatment, factory that keep tax and other commerce kind to export permissive management.

From churchyard free tax zone, exit is entered to machine the custom such as the area outside the area the special superintendency section, place that keep tax and belong to " administrative catalogue " lists textile, custom not check nucleus licence, need afore-mentioned goods when actual leave a country is declared, according to concerned regulation, the country that executes textile to export management temporarily to be being exported (area) , custom deals with check to put formalities by licence.

" administrative catalogue " lists textile superintends storehouse via exit (exit deserves to send model) of exit, custom is in licence of nucleus of check of link of stored in a barn, inside the period of efficacy that sets in licence (leave a country) exit comes " administrative catalogue " designation country (area) , must not stay in churchyard.

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