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33 code began to carry out on October 1
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Rose on October 1, will explanation of 33 code, regulations, judicatory begins to carry out, code of class of its China home 7, local class 26. The executive aggrandizement of a series of code the responsibility of safe production, give worker with more safeguard.
After October 1, unit of choose and employ persons must not send insurance premium of the salary, society that owe pay more than 60 days to apply for to arbitrate deadline is excuse with owing again, reject to pay the salary that default, society insurance premium. To settle back pay dispute, " top people court discusses rule of case comfortable usage about trying labor to contend for the explanation of a certain number of problems (2) " regulation, default wage dispute, relationship of the working when laborer applies for the arbitration still puts add, unit of choose and employ persons exceeds 60 with laborer application arbitration the view pays no longer for day, people court does not grant to support. " explain " clear, default work reward, laborer can hold the salary IOU of unit of choose and employ persons to be sued to people court directly. Unit of choose and employ persons forces laborer to make earnest money, remove the refus when the contract does not return, the jib formalities such as concern of insurance of the human affairs record that perhaps handles laborer, society generates controversy, and laborer because inductrial injury, occupational disease, ask unit of choose and employ persons assumes the controversy that gives inductrial injury insurance treatment lawfully, after arbitrating via labor, sue, people court should grant to accept.
Rose on October 1, the firework cracker that did not obtain firework cracker business certificate is wholesale enterprise and retail operator, must not be engaged in relevant manage. Total bureau of supervisory government of national safe production " firework cracker manages a license to implement measure " clear, be engaged in firework cracker retail management spatial area is not less than 10 square metre, its periphery does not have other firework cracker inside 50 meters of limits retail dot, collect place and gas station to wait with the personnel such as the school, nursery school, hospital combustible explode easily corporeal production, store the safe distance that establishment maintains enough.
Total bureau of supervisory government of national safe production " safety of project of dangerous chemical construction allows executive method " point out clearly, project of dangerous chemical construction should establish safety to examine, safe facilities design is examined, safe facilities complete is checked and accept. When building project optional location, construction unit ought to is opposite the hazard with construction inherent project, harmful element is right the influence that production of unit of construction project periphery, management activity perhaps resides the people's livelihood to live and local nature condition are right the influence that builds a project has proof.
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