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Textile exports new law to carry out, quota allocation still has be concerned ab
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On September 18, department of Commerce was released " textile exit runs way " (provisional) (the following abbreviation " method " ) , apply since released day. Meanwhile, 2005 of formulate " textile exit runs way temporarily " (the following abbreviation " temporarily method " ) from 眀 year abolish since January 1. Nevertheless, 2006 year textile exports permissive amount to still be pressed temporarily " temporarily method " carry out.
" method " continued basically the system previously, did at the same time improve, to normative market, make quota use efficiency to rise, the cost that reduces export business effectively will have positive effect.
Quota allocation becomes the biggest hotspot
The hotspot with this the oldest way is course of study the quota that wife person cares all the time allocates an issue. The hearsay of ” of 100% invite public bidding gets quota of the “ before this clarify formally, new measure uses outstanding achievement allocation and invite public bidding to regard as as before allocate mode, but " temporarily method " ” of invite public bidding of agreement of “ of instead of ” of “ open invite public bidding. " method " in mentioned consultative invite public bidding, be in namely its are highest bid in quantitative limitation, undertake invite public bidding with sending the price that mark a price under lowest, its are paid constitutionally allocate, the photograph is tall to “ price person the open contest mark that gets ” , consultative invite public bidding can save more cost apparently.
" method " it is to lower quota price to the adjustment of quota mode, reduce industry burden, avoid quota waste, do away with the awkward situation that exports slow down at present. But also the personage inside course of study makes public invite public bidding to express anxiety to be being replaced with consultative invite public bidding, think consultative invite public bidding creates corrupt appearance more easily, and probable meeting tilts to large state-owend enterprise, inequitable to other company.
Outstanding achievement allocation is helpful for new company

" method " still continue " temporarily method " outstanding achievement allocation is formulary, spin before allocating “ base ” to be surely 12 months the exit outstanding achievement of look forward to, exit amount Central Africa is set be restricted the market, set be restricted the market occupies 30 % and the weight of 70 % to calculate respectively. Different is, because the computational time henceforth does not cover “ unifinication ” (in January 2005) the time before, so the weight before unifinication is 0, formulary more simplified. " method " the junior company with computational less to quota is being won before “ unifinication ” result is relatively advantageous, the advantage decreases greatly for more to quota is being won before “ unifinication ” large state-owend enterprise.
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