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Department of Commerce restores to sign and issue certificate of the license whe
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Department of foreign trade of Department of Commerce was given out recently " be defeated by an European Union about restoring to sign and issue the announcement that 20 kinds of textile speak licence book temporarily " , main content is as follows:

Classics and Europe appoint conference director branch checks, was defeated by an European Union 2005 the 20th kind of textile can export an amount to still have the rest, ask each district business affairs to be in charge of sectional textile to export licence visa orgnaization to restore to sign and issue since this day temporarily was defeated by an European Union 2005 20 categories textile exports licence and certificate of its form a complete set temporarily.

Each can be in about operator seat visa orgnaization arrived inside limits of amount of first time distributive 2005 deal with relevant matters concerned.

Inform hereby! Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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