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Textile exit runs way (full text) (3)
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Inside 15 days since the 15th day that can apply for quantitative make known to lower levels oneself, local business affairs is in charge of sectional collect our region to the application of operator reports Department of Commerce and add electronic data.

Be in after the application report that receives local business affairs to be in charge of a branch and electronic data inside 15 days, the allocation that Department of Commerce decides and each operator of whole nation of make known to lower levels exports a license temporarily amount.

The 16th textile exports permissive amount to allow to make over temporarily. Turn suffer let operator can land textile to export permissive amount to turn temporarily suffer let platform ( is operated directly, make over inside the area also can do technical divisions to manage by branch of local commerce director. Suffer let operator must be in registration book of department of industrial and commercial administration, in foreign trade director branch puts on record to register and fulfil the obligation such as labor, safety and environmental protection lawfully.

The seventeenth textile exports licence to execute “ temporarily ” of a batch of one card, “ closes one card ” , effective inside year of the Gregorian calendar, period of efficacy is 6 months, exceed the time limit becomes invalid.

Exceed the time limit did not export, can deal with delay formalities to the former orgnaization that send card, the longest delay does not exceed 3 months. Adjourn or change licence content, all answer to change hair new evidence afresh.

The 18th obtains the operator that exports permissive quantity temporarily to be in what fail to be used entirely inside period of efficacy of export license amount temporarily, should at allowing year will odd amount passes each district business affairs before September 30 director branch is handed in to Department of Commerce.

The 19th operator hands in, did not apply for with what abandon quantitative plan is entered export quantity of permissive the rest temporarily when year textile. Odd gross by Department of Commerce according to eleventh concerned regulation continues to allocate, allocate a result in before ending at allowing year behindhand 75 days of make known to lower levels.

The 20th obtains textile to export the operator that allows an amount temporarily, did not make inside period of efficacy dosage exceeds outstanding achievement quantum 20% and be less than be equal to 30% did not hand in on schedule, department of Commerce will press geometric ratio to deduct in issueing one year to allocate. Did not make inside period of efficacy dosage exceeds outstanding achievement quantum 30% did not hand in on schedule, department of Commerce will be pressed in issueing one year to allocate times doubler deduct.
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