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Chinese textile industry won't is immersed in outside have an import limitation, inside the difficult position that has export custom duty

Announced on May 20 74 kinds of textile export custom duty while tax rate is increased, official of Chinese Department of Commerce also shows, the Chinese textile that every will be exported limitation actually henceforth will give from inside collecting the catalogue that exports custom duty eliminate. Adjust in this in, the export custom duty of the textile that the part is restricted by the United States had been reduced 75% . Yesterday afternoon, when official of Department of Commerce accepts a reporter to interview at this point, express, on textile issue China will hold to this one footing.

What the European Union announced to defer pair of China textile on May 25 is urgent defend a program especially. In vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry Yang Donghui looks, the measure that this makes clear Chinese government is active and active had obtained the result, “ condition won't continue to worsen. ”

He expresses at the same time, present tax rate had gone to “ the lifeline of the enterprise, cannot increase again. ” since Chinese government announced to increase textile to export tax rate on May 20, yang Donghui is visited everywhere, feedbacking from what get over there the enterprise is “ tax rate too tall ” .

Li Jie of analyst of institute of smooth old negotiable securities expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, quota is made after cancelling, textile exports overall situation to already was decided, although met a few difficulty at present, but too won't big to the influence “ of overall exit ” . Li Jie thinks, the United States starts the action that defends especially quite fast, even oversight a few programs, fear base continues to do namely big.

Chinese spin industry thinks generally, 1 ~ exported amplitude increase sharply to basically result from quota to make the “ after cancelling release effect ” in March, meet before long be able to alleviate. April, exit amplitude has put delay relatively. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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