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Ester removes entrance acrylic acid today stop collect oppose dumping tax
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[issue an unit] Department of Commerce

[issue article order] announcement of Department of Commerce 2005 the 71st

[issue date] 2005-11-23

The 5th announcement announced ministry of collaboration of economy of former foreign trade of People's Republic of China 2001, acrylic to originating in the entrance of Japan and United States formerly ester collects People's Republic of China oppose dumping tax. The executive term that opposes dumping tax is 5 years since November 23, 2000.

In March 2003, via People's Republic of China conference of first time of the 10th National People's Congress is approved, by new established Department of Commerce is assumed turn over a dumping to investigate function.

Basis " People's Republic of China turns over dumping byelaw " the 48th regulation, the expropriation that opposes dumping tax deadline and the deadline for performance with affirmatory price do not exceed 5 years; But, classics reexamine is stopped certainly collect turn over dumping duty to be brought about likely dumping and damage continuity to perhaps happen once more, the expropriation that opposes dumping tax deadline can be lengthened appropriately.

On June 1, 2005, department of Commerce is released 2005 the 33rd announcement, announce place of acrylic to originating in the entrance of Japan, United States formerly ester to turn over dumping measure applicably to will be stopped on November 23, 2005, stipulate the day that releases from this announcement rises, before domestic industry perhaps represents the natural person of domestic industry, legal person to perhaps concern an organization to be able to turn over dumping measure to end day 60 days in this, offer application of formal and terminal review a case to Department of Commerce with written form.

Inside the time limit that sets in announcement, the natural person that Department of Commerce did not get domestic industry to perhaps represent domestic industry, legal person perhaps presses this announcement to stipulate the terminal review a case that offer applies for about the organization; Department of Commerce also did not decide to launch terminal review a case actively.

According to proposal of Department of Commerce, committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council decides, stop the acrylic ester that imports churchyard of People's Republic of China to originating in Japan and United States formerly to collect since November 23, 2005 oppose dumping tax.

Stop collect turn over dumping duty product, label in date of tax regulations of imports and exports of People's Republic of China: 29161200.

Hereby announcement.

Department of Commerce

Two years on November 23
Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to
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