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Publish fuel tax might as well and oil to change unhook
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The exalted fall after a rise of oil price of near future international caused the public to be opposite once more publish fuel tax guess. Nevertheless, the information that collects the office to be transmitted from cost of highway maintain a road or railway is, the cost of maintain a road of next year will continue to collect certainly. After although do not eliminate to raise travelling expenses now,be being collected ahead of schedule, returned likelihood can be returned when will implementing fuel tax henceforth, but the expert thinks the cost of such duty Wu can raise, after so cost of maintain a road is collected, the possibility that implements fuel tax again is lesser.

Only then still want at putting forward to ask for the motion of fuel tax to look 1994 protracted go down.

The advantage of fuel tax is well-known. It reflected fair principle, road is used pay tax with bad news oil link up with, changed the tigidity that raises travelling expenses to collect, also can restrain highway chaos to collect fees, can solve even ban more than freight traffic repeatedly serious overweighted problem. More important is, china is depended on to importing petrolic now bigger and bigger, managing oil natural resources appears very pressing. And impose fuel tax, it is current the most efficient managing way.

Come nearly 3 years, fuel tax all the time be vividly portrayed. Many government is curule disclose early or late, fuel tax publishs the job already be in order, but need choose machine is rolled out. Of fuel tax roll out involve taxation interest allocation, each industry collects fees with oily balance, highway the many sided problem such as personnel billabong. But from governmental official state publicly in light of, it is all things all owes “ opportunity ” only fully, this opportunity is international oil price whether oil price of fall after a rise, home goes low subsequently, bear in people psychology fuel tax is rolled out inside limits.

As a result of resource finite increase with demand considerably, international oil price anticipates will last for a long time on perch to move, this becomes the premise that cannot change almost. Mechanism of price of oil of Chinese finished product brings about oil price to did not conform with international up to now, become the new issue that fuel tax cannot pursue. Now, mechanism of price of oil of domestic finished product is in again brew ” of law of “ crude price: The crude oil on option market adds 3 land authority price increases oil refining cost, form standard of new finished product oil price thereby plus proper profit. How much is the profit margin ” with appropriate “ after all? If although Petroleum Company manages not to be pooh-poohed however still the safeguard of attainable fixed profit, so consumer can pay bigger price only.

Actually, fuel tax is not simple impose tax, however the move that capture pays fee. If tax rate suits certainly, to great majority car advocate for, charge load may not increases apparently certainly. Will look with the circumstance with at present pilot Hainan, every litres of oil raised 1 yuan of fuel tax of the left and right sides, share of 1000 yuan fee of maintain a road approachs the car every months 90 yuan, use charge of car of home of 90 litres of petrolic illicit to keep balance basically with every months, this still saves the highway below to collect fees without computation.
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