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Exit drawback is adjusted the influence machinist job is exported
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Recently, the 5 ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of finance issue an announcement jointly, adjust the export that exports goods partly to withdraw tax rate. “ of drawback new rule has award punish ” . “ of national hope have the aid of reduces a RMB to appreciate the east wind of pressure ” , export drawback through reducing partial product, reduce the support that exports to product of low administrative levels stage by stage, upgrade to domestic industry form force trend. And the exit that great skill equips retreats tax rate criterion by 13% rise 17% . This is afterwards “ 915 ” program, " long-term science and technology develops outline in our country " and " the State Council is accelerated revitalize equipment manufacturing industry a certain number of opinions " after waiting for major policy, one when come on stage encourages equipment of our country great technology to take door going abroad, participate in the materiality act that internationalization competes. This action is sure to conduce to actual strength of research and development the domestic company with strong capability of abundant, own innovation extends an international market, shorten as soon as possible the difference of as advanced as international level, make the enterprise is done do greatly strong.

In the mechanical product that exports at present, although technical content is higher,with additional cost more expensive product grows ceaselessly, but labor is concentrated model the product, product with additional inferior cost and resource product still holds very large proportion. And the fractionize industry such as machine of electrical engineering electric equipment, tall accurate machine tool, project, heavy-duty mine, the product of the whole set of equipment in the product that its export, high additional cost holds larger proportion, expensive to the partial technology content of these industries product raises exit to withdraw tax rate, can drive the adjustment of export structure.

From chamber of commerce of Chinese Electromechanical imports and exports understanding arrives, large quantities of rolled steel exit retreat tax rate to reduce 3 percent, rate of drawback of exit of partial nonferrous metal reduces 8 respectively, 5 are mixed 2 percent, raised the exit cost of these raw material, will make among them part raw material turns into home market likely, the competition of raw material of stimulative home market, lower the price of domestic raw material thereby, especially copper and rate of drawback of cupreous material exit by 13% fall 5% , exit will be affected. Drawback of exit of plumbic acerbity accumulator is led from active 13% fall to 0, include prohibit improvement trade exports catalogue, produce the progress to this industry major effect, be helpful for making an enterprise seek an outlet from environmental protection proceed with. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to
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