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Our country adjusts tax regulations to involve 1600 8 duty number
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According to the decision of committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council, 2007 edition " tax regulations of imports and exports of People's Republic of China " (the following abbreviation is new " tax regulations " ) carried out formally on January 1, 2007. Since entering a life with our country annual groovy tax rate is adjusted different, this was 2002 since again relatively substantially, relatively large-scale is adjusted, caused social all circles especially the wide attention of enterprise of imports and exports.
Our country is " commodity name and encode coordinate system convention " (the following abbreviation " convention " ) signatory, press " convention " requirement, of signatory " tax regulations of imports and exports " all make with convention place " commodity name and encode coordinate a system " (abbreviation " harmonious system " ) undertake weave and editing for the foundation. To get used to the development of international trade and science and technology, world custom is organized (WCO) every 4 be opposite to 6 years " harmonious system " undertake editing. This correcting is in 2002 edition " harmonious system " the castigatory on the foundation, be in since January 1, 2007 " harmonious system convention " each conclude a treaty just carry out, our country serves as conclude a treaty square also with " harmonious system " be opposite for the foundation 2006 " tax regulations " make major shift rectify.
With 2006 " tax regulations " photograph comparing, new " tax regulations " the markeddest characteristic is, adjust this involve 1600 homeland in all the change of 8 duty bugle call, occupy all the 20 % above of 8 duty bugle call, basically involve metal of product of mechanical and electrical products, chemical industry, textile, wood, cheap and alloy to wait for 5 kinds big, it is close come to our country 10 years tax regulations of imports and exports is the greatest adjust.
The custom duty that adds compliance of World Trade Organization according to our country is decreased let obligation, new " tax regulations " make following adjustment to importing custom duty: The most-favored-nation tax rate of 44 tax items such as the polyethylene in ” of tax regulations of archives?ldquo; entrance; Product of IT of complete to 9 blame tax items continues to execute custom to check management; Execute custom duty quota to manage to the commodity of 8 kinds of 45 tax ends such as wheat; To hydrogen of urea, compound fertilizer, phosphoric acid the quota tax rate of 3 kinds of chemical fertilizer carries out 2 ammonium the tax rate of 1 % ; A certain quantity of to what import outside quota cotton executes 6 % to slip to 40 % standard tax; Implement specific duties, complex tax to 55 kinds of commodity such as sensitive data. In the meantime, our country plucks to cotton the part such as machine imports commodity to implement provisional tax rate, new " tax regulations " specific provision, according to our country and the area commerce that sign about country or area or agreement of custom duty privilege, implement agreement tax rate to these countries or area; According to our country and the commerce that sign about country or area or custom duty privilege agreement and the State Council concern a decision, right a few more afro-asian least of all the partial commodity of the developed country implements indulgence tax rate.
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